Smart vs. Smart-Ass

We go to school to become smart. To be ready for the world ahead of us. So, where do smart-asses get their training?

“There’s a big difference between being smart and being a smart-ass. When used in extreme, the former can be boring and the latter can be annoying. “

Our teachers were so very optimistic back then. They painted a picture that the world beyond the schoolroom is an idealistic place where smart people roam the earth. That is the reason why freshies have that indelible stamp on their forehead proclaiming their naiveté for all the world to see. They’re like walking heartaches waiting to happen.  I know. I was one of them.

Oh, boy. We shouldn’t have listened to those fantastic paintings in the first place. We would have traversed the grown-up world differently if our teachers were brutally honest from the get-go. But learning through experience may be tough but it honed the smart-asses of the world to go against each other in a modern-day Battle Royale. Am I one of the smarts or the smart-asses? Gee, what a dilemma.


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