Strong Opinions Run Wild

Everybody has his or her own opinion on many things. Some are logical, some aren’t. We cannot really force people to think straight the way we want them to. To do so would be as good as signing ourselves for death by firing squad.


There are tons of questions that can sprout from a simple word such as O-P-I-N-I-O-N.

So why are some very adamant in forcing people to see their way? Do they need attention? Are they lonely and wanted someone to relate with? Are they so vain that they think they are always on the right?

I can name a number of people who are like this. Convincing to some and annoying to most, we still listen what they have to say. We can sometimes be suckers for punishment. I guess, it is the reaction we have after they said their piece that gives us the kicks.

Some have really good things to point out. Strong though their opinions to world crises and such, die-hard “intellectuals” will still criticize these people with “strong opinions” from the top of their balding heads to their ginger-toed feet and consider them as upstarts or idealistic fools.

Poor people with strong opinions. They get lambasted, praised or deemed inconsequential by critics – the people. Sad to say, that include me.

However, I do it in the most humane way. I roll my eyes. At least I don’t say anything that might otherwise jab their already fragile sensibilities. Those fragile feelings are the reason why when someone asks me for my opinion on something, I’d either roll my eyes, start with a disclaimer or say something like . . .

“I cannot veto something I do not feel strongly about. Maybe you can ask me again later after I’m done with my beer.”

Downing a bottle might help see other people’s views on stuff. It might sometimes take a stronger liquor to do that too. God knows how many crazy ideas people can come up with sometimes. But the fact of the matter is that different people have different perceptions on a single topic.

“Learn how to tolerate. In that way, you won’t get a lot of headaches.”

I live by this quote. I wrote it.

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