The “You” Brand

“You are your own brand. How you present yourself to the word defines who you are.”

I keep on telling myself that – sort of like a morning mantra.

Oh, I’m not referring to creating an alter ego or a different persona just to have people like you. No. I’m referring to what’s the real “YOU” and how you project that to others.

Picture yourself as a can of soup. The label would say something about you . . . a sales and marketing design, a logo, color combinations, et cetera. All of these will affect how consumers [people in general] perceives you. Will they pick your brand of soup or will they not? Is your label enticing enough? Why would they choose you amongst others of the same kind? What makes you “YOU”?

When they do pick you up, a shrewd buyer will not be content just by the look of your logo. They will read the back label to see the nutritional value or what your contents are.

What would yours look like? It might read like this.

Manners    20%

Humor        10%

Ambition    20%

Intelligence     40%

Physical Look 10%

All these attributes factor in to create value – your value.  It will in turn encourage people to want you and later on need you.

There are many terms used for this. In the corporate world, they call it perception management. In my mind’s world, I call it being personable.

It’s a cruel world out there. Standards of what is attractive -both personality and physicality – are getting higher. Sometimes, the standards are not even reasonable anymore. Most people want to be someone else, trying to fit themselves in a mold of what modern social norms dictate. Because of this, people lose their own identity – their own brand.

So, why bother conforming at all? Why bother making people like you?

Is it because of the quote, “No man is an island”? That as social beings, we are driven by the need to connect with others by being “like them”?

I do not believe that you have to sacrifice your personal brand just because everyone else does.

“Pretending to be someone else is tiring. You have to keep on pretending for the rest of your life and have regrets later on.”

. . . and that is something I do not want hanging over my head before I eventually bite the dust.


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