Ugly Verbal Bruises

Just like any other ordinary person, I had my fair share of ups and downs – both in my career and my personal life.

The experiences that really affected me and in turn mold me to what I am right now were the negative ones. Maybe it’s human nature to remember the heartaches more than the joys. Maybe it’s human nature that made me believe of bettering myself to prove those people, who have thrown hateful words at me, wrong.

“Be careful what you say in anger or spite because the verbal bruises do not heal that fast and can sometimes leave an indelible mark.”

I blame people’s inability to empathize.

I blame people’s ability to be insensitive.

I blame people’s inability to discipline their wayward tongues and inflict wounds that can never be healed by Betadine and antibiotic ointments.

The ugly verbal bruises and/or wounds that will forever linger as long as we don’t resolve it within ourselves debilitates our capacity to function well with the company of other people. There’s always the self-doubt. There are always the questions . . .

“Am I doing this right?”

“Am I enough?”

“Am I worthy?”

These questions weaken the spirit. It disables our potential to be great . I believe that everyone – with the right guidance – can climb up that mountain and wave the flag.

So be careful of what you say in anger or in annoyance. You might become a cause of a person’s downfall in spirit and in mind.

“Be kind. Control your tongue.”


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