Nerd-letons In The Closet

Yes. I am a nerd. So what?

I am not alone in this world. I am just one of those who had that proverbial closet shut tight for eons because of peer pressure. It is hard to get by in school when you don’t have the “it-girl” persona in place or hanging out with the cool kids. The only time you get to open that closet is at home, in your lonesome little room littered with posters of Star Wars and Robotech gracing the stark white painted walls.

The reason behind hiding what people deemed now as “ordinary” before was the fear of being labeled as a freak.  Because of the changing perception of people and the influence of billionaire software developers and social media moguls, being termed a “nerd” is actually a compliment.

Celebrities are now openly admitting to being a nerd in some point in their lives. It is not some dirty little secret that should be kept under lock and key anymore.

In that line of thought, I guess the matter of coming out of the Nerd Closet may depend on age and maturity. Kids in school still consider it social suicide to be called a “nerd” nowadays. Nerds get bullied, teased mercilessly and excluded from any social function operated by the it-crowd.

But the moment you’re finished with your studies with an impressive degree, earning mega bucks in the process because you have succumbed to the call of Nerdom, nobody will have the guts to treat you shabbily anymore. The shift of power and prestige is at play.

You’re the man!

Media had been influential in educating people that being a nerd is actually cool. They have way more fun. Just check out the guys in The Big Bang Theory to see what I mean.

So, I’m not ashamed anymore. I am jumping into the bandwagon and fully embracing my being a nerd.


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