Less Is More

I love the concept of “Less is more” even if it’s been bandied about almost everywhere; from minimalist design to life lessons.  But even if it has become a quote prostitute, I still consider this simple and poignant saying as a source of inspiration.

three naked people holding placards saying less is more

I have to say, Robert Browning coined it perfectly in his poem “The Faultless Painter” and since then, many connotations have been derived from those three small words that may be meaningless to some, but awfully meaningful to me. It sorted out a lot of gunk in my life.

Here are some of my inserts to the adage.

Less clutter . . . more space.

Less money . . . more problems.

Less income . . . more bills.

Less chitchat . . . more time to be creative.

Less trash . . . more beauty.

Less friends . . . more time alone.

Less clothes . . . more skin to show.

Less shopping . . . more savings in the bank.

Less cravings . . . more pounds to shed.

Less irritation . . . more peace of mind.

Less restrictions . . . more freedom.

Less insecurities . . . more confidence.

Less bullsh*t . . . more sense.

The possibilities are endless. But there is one ultimate take on the adage that I would love to happen to me every minute of every day.

Less worries . . . more happiness.

Now . . . that is a lifetime pursuit.



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