Cussing Age

I was alarmed when I heard a kid, who is probably three and a half feet tall, cussing like there’s no tomorrow in the middle of a busy street today. No one even bothered to tell that kid to stop and there are some who were even grinning and snickering while watching the spectacle. I felt like the people thought the kid’s actions are so ordinary that it never warranted any reprimand from the companion or the ones witnessing it

Then it got me thinking. If this kid grew up during my time, his mouth would have been sore and hot with all the hot peppers the elders would have fed him to stop that potty mouth.

Gosh! The way kids use curse words nowadays makes me believe that the standards in good manners and right conduct is NOT just low . . . it’s diminishing. Soon, toddlers will shout “motherf**cker” at the top of their lungs and it will be alright, like it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

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