Drunken Conversations, Etc.

It’s been awhile, I know. I berated myself over and over again how remiss I was in updating my blog.

It seems like ages!

I blame it on my lack of initiative and the back-to-back heartaches that killed whatever inspiration I had. But lately, I got a blip of my groove back. A blip is better than nothing in my opinion.

It’s probably due to the several ‘sober’ conversations I had with good friends letting me know how they miss my overly-opinionated mind and also miss how they could practically see the wheels inside my head suddenly turn whenever I hear or see something around me and come out with a witty remark that will crack everyone up.

It’s also probably due to several ‘drunken’ conversations that, surprisingly, yielded some pretty awesome ideas to write about. All that alcohol unleashing all those great/crazy ideas that wouldn’t normally come out of a sensible and oftentimes stolid chap surely made an excellent contribution to my recently bland existence.


Thank goodness for friends who are as crazy as I am and have no inhibitions, whatsoever, to always let me know how they appreciate me for what I am. There’s not enough word in the dictionary to express my gratitude. I’m surely one of the luckiest gal born in this universe.

Because of these conversations . . .

Who would have thought that the glacial funk that overwhelmed the last quarter of my 2012 is slowly dissipating as I write this post? 

Who would have thought that the pain of losing a parent doesn’t feel as enormously debilitating as it was when it was still fresh just by looking at a picture? 

Who would have thought that a single nail polish color can make me push myself to get out of my emotional marinade and cook up some needed seasonal changes involving my wardrobe and makeup?

Who would have thought that a slightly slurred advice could make me type away and hopefully finish the next chapter of The Scroll Saints saga soon?

Yes . . . I’ll probably have to owe it to that slurred advice, nail polish color, hot picture and the change in the air. The universe seemed to be a bit positively receptive to my woes and now, I can finally say that my world is gradually turning back in all its neon greatness.

Whether we admit it or not, there are plenty of signs around us to push us towards reclaiming our alpha status. If you were in a state of grossly low self-esteem for eons like me, then, I think it’s about time to lose the mitts and move forward to welcoming the sun. I intend to with my over-sized sunnies and sunscreen-protected skin.


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