The Nerd-gasmic Experience

Finally, today marks the end of my 30-day Nerdgasmic Experience. Nergasmic? Well, it’s a derivation of the term “nerdgasm“, which is described in the urban dictionary as a moment/time when a person has overindulged in activities deemed to be nerdy. And since we’ve already established that yours truly is a certified nerd and proud to be one, it’s not a foregone idea that I would find myself having a couple of nerdgasms.

Apart from plowing through sci-fi hits that defined the former eras like Star Wars, Blade Runner, Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica, a couple of new television series in Syfy occupied my time. Together with re-reading a couple of shojo mangas I have like Absolute Boyfriend and Vampire Knight, I have immersed myself into anime heaven and other related stuff.

Yes, my renewed passion for things that defined my nerdiness since I was kid occupied most of my time for the past month and a couple of hours in between work and various chores. I’ve waddled and dove head first into new anime titles recently aired in Japan and other older ones that are highly recommended, which had been forever in my TBW (to be watched) list but never had enough time to do so. With enough time on my hands for the past couple of weeks, I did indulge and re-encountered the reasons why I can never be too old for anime and manga.

The anime titles I’ve basked in are:




Kamisama Hajimemashite

I really enjoyed this one. It’s probably due to my deep fascination with anything supernatural/paranormal. Not to mention the crisp character designs and interesting cast that include one of my favorite demonkind – the kitsune or fox. The mystery and action sequence is enough to make me go through the whole series in one sitting. It’s not that hard since it is only 13-episodes long and have an engaging plot that mixes fantasy, action and romance.  I wonder if they’re going to make a sequel. It definitely deserves one.







Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Now, I’m not really into school-themed, slice of life kind of anime, but I like this one because of the simplicity of its plot and interesting characterization of the main protagonists. They’re not the typical goody-two-shoes types and each eccentricity makes this anime more unique. There were plenty of sweet moments as well as comedic ones. It also helped that it’s not as long as say Kimi ni Todoke, which I also enjoyed in a way but kind of falls short on the heart-thumping moments. This title has it and it’s kind of weird to hear a thirty-something woman admit to being touched by it.






Hanasakeru Seishounen

Oh . . . the reverse harem genre is so much a girl’s idea of a great fantasy. If only it can be made into reality, I’d sign up for it. My preference in this genre started when I watched Yuu Watase‘s Fushigi Yuugi way back. Hanasakeru had all the elements in making romantic-at-heart gals like me like this. The hero is obviously attractive and secretly in love with the heroine for years, staying by her side in the pretense of looking out for her safety as a brother when there are deeper feelings involved. And the heroine is strong-willed, impetuous and has little to no inhibitions in making her feelings known – an unconventional trait for a Japanese character profile. I also loved the fact that she did the saving instead of the other way around. Atta girl!


Sukitte Ii na yo



Suki-tte Ii Na Yo

I adore this anime. I mean, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have watched it twice just to relive all the charming moments between two unlikely people finding love for the first time amidst all their differences. The story is sweet and a great plot to make into a Dorama if not a full-length movie. I pray and hope they make a live action or movie version of this, true. I’m thinking Mizushima Hiro would be perfect for the role, but I also think he might be too old to play a high schooler by now. I mean, I adore him as Shibata Rihito in Mei-chan no Shitsuji and I heard that he’s set out to play Sebastian Michaelis in the film version of Black Butler (a bit of typecast here, don’t you think?). So, anyone with the enigmatic smile like Hiro’s would do well to play Kurosawa Yamato.



inu x boku ss



Inu x Boku SS

Yet another anime dedicated to the nine-tailed fox. I am entranced although the main female character, Ririchiyo, could have been made into a more mature stature than an obvious lolli-con version. I enjoyed it in a way because of the interesting supporting characters and the main male protagonist’s mysteriousness. Makes me want to find a stuffed toy kitsune that I could hug tightly and pet right after seeing Miketsukami turn into a miniature version in the special episode. 








Hiiro no Kakera

A supernatural, reverse harem fantasy, this anime did not disappoint when it comes to offering a batch of hot bishounen that frankly reminds me a lot of the character designs in Fushigi Yuugi and Ayashi no Ceres, both based on mangas by Yuu Watase. The action scenes did not disappoint either. My only hangup with this anime is the weak personality of the heroine. 










In the wake of watching Rurouni Kenshin‘s live-action film for the fourth time, I searched for related anime to my all-time favorite and Hakouki came at the top of the list. My interest with Asian weaponry and fighting styles made me like this series and the succeeding sequels a lot.  Based on a game, the character designs are attractive and the historical backdrop married with the supernatural and romance was truly engaging. In short, I did not get bored. If they make a live-action version, I’ll definitely have to see it.







Saiunkoku Monogatari

Another bishounen, reverse harem type of anime reminiscent of Fushigi Yuugi‘s backdrop, this anime and its sequel has definite entertainment value. It reminds me a little of the epic K-dramas as well. The heroine is not a typical simpering maiden even if she looked like a Miaka-clone. She has a brain and the will to make a difference even when tempted to be a consort of a super hot guy. The love and devotion of Ryuuki, the hot emperor that reminds me a lot of Hotohori in Fushigi Yuugi, made watching this anime sweeter. It is charming in its own way and the characters are not irritating unlike other titles with similar plots.



Far from over, my Nerdgasmic Experience is still ongoing since I’m still watching Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, a comedy/romance/school life/ecchi type of anime that is currently airing as we speak. I’m also scouting for more anime titles to watch since I know for sure that I won’t be too old to indulge once in a while. Once the spark has been ignited, there’s no way to go but burn.

The start of this year is truly one filled with a lot of reminiscing and a lot of attempts to bring back the joy I once enjoyed. Some might call it madness. I call it therapy that I think I’m absolutely entitled to. 

 Filling up another TBW list with promising activities and TV series and anime titles, I can’t wait to have another Nerdgasmic Experience . . . soon . . .


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