The Need To Protect

If you love something so much that you dedicate a lot of time doing it, then there’s this instinctual feeling to protect it.

This is no trivial matter. We protect what we love . . . in things and people as well.


My maudlin mind have wondered at least a thousand times now on how I want to proceed with my pet project The Scroll Saints. I even dream about it. It’s that S-E-R-I-O-U-S. 

Some of you might have been familiar with my serialized running novel. But what you might not have been aware of is the reservations I had and still have in whether to keep it a free enterprise or to monetize it.

My initial vision is to share it for free. That was the plan. But then, people started telling me that I need to protect myself from plagiarizers because the content is too precious just to have someone steal it from me.


I hate plagiarizers with a passion. They’re leeches. Instead of the accolade and appreciation given to theplagiarism original writer who wrote with their minds and hearts to produce such awesome content, it gets stolen by some talentless a**hole with nothing better to do than copy/paste something from the Internet, sometimes translate it into their native language and pass it off as their own. What a tool!

So, yeah . . . here I am getting my blood pressure up again with just the thought of someone stealing my work and getting all the glory. Grrr . . . 

 Added to the numerous advice from readers, friends and family who’ve read my work,  the seeds of doubt have been planted. And now, the roots are getting in too deep for me not to ignore it anymore. Therefore, I temporarily shut the site down until I can think of the next steps to take. The need to protect my intellectual property gnaws inside me. As much as I would want people to enjoy my writing for free, I need to be smart about it. There are many available courses open for me. Either I continue sharing it for free (which is a one-way ticket for martyrdom or stupidity) or monetize it.

In these recent hard times, freelance writers like me aren’t paid enough to keep our heads above water most of the time unlike bestselling authors like Dan Brown and E L James. Nope, I struggle to keep my pockets lined with enough cash to tide me by just like everyone else. And the thought of monetizing or even submitting the whole manuscript to several publishers will probably have some merit. It might not be immediate, but it’s something to look forward to.

The wonderful reception, comments and supports from readers have sealed the deal for me. I think I can do this. If not for me, for them – the people who believe in The Scroll Saints. I will finish the whole thing and set myself a goal to have it published as soon as possible – protecting myself, my work and continuing to give readers some entertainment.

It’s too bad that others wouldn’t be able to enjoy the free stuff while it lasted though. But I hope with enough encouragement and support, The Scroll Saints will finally fly and be amongst my favorites in bookstores.

Yes, that will be a goal that will keep me going.

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