My Annual Valentine’s Day Horror Film Marathon

It has become my self-imposed tradition to pick three to five horror movies to watch on Valentine’s Day whether I have someone special at the time or none. Most of often, I do not. So, it’s a way for me to renege on the whole Valentine’s Day for couples and lovey-dovey whatnots. I know it’s weird . . . but hey, I don’t think I’m alone in this. There must be a dozen or so like me out there and I have to say it now:

It’s okay. You’re not alone.

This year, I’m focusing on zombie comedy-horror films. I know there’s not much titles on this genre and it’s okay since I only have a couple of hours to spare in indulging on this 10-year-old tradition. The whole idea came to me after checking the US blockbuster list last week and some write-ups regarding movies currently screening on theaters worldwide. With most movie producers almost at full throttle in preparation for the coming summer, I am expecting a lot of great action and star-studded films hitting the big screen soon.



There are a lot to watch out for including a Stephenie Meyer personal favorite The Host getting the widescreen treatment. Considering that we have established thatΒ yours trulyΒ is a sci-fi nerd, I have embraced this novel more than the overrated Twilight series. I am truly sorry, twi-fans, but I don’t float your boat. I am more attracted to heroines with guts and can pack a mean punch. Besides, Saoirse Ronan is playing the lead character in the film , making me anticipate it more. I luurrrvvv her. She’s absolutely amazing inΒ Hanna, holding her own against veteran thespians like Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana. The trailer is awesome, too!

Oh . . . how I digress. Anyway, onward to my movie marathon list.











First up is the new zombie-romantic film Warm Bodies. I heard good things about this one and after seeing the trailer, I guess it lived up to the anticipation. It’s different than most romantic comedies. On top of that, it has John Malkovich in it!










Second is Shaun of the Dead. Oh, my! The first time I saw this, I can’t help but laugh all throughout. Yes, it’s another zombie-themed movie, but the humor is so nicely timed that it’s not annoying. I recommended this flick to friends when they asked me what’s good to watch and I get a lot of compliments afterwards.










Last on the list is Zombieland. Emma Stone is a darling. Teamed up with Woody Harrelson’s unconventional comedic acting, it’s a crazy road trip amidst a zombie apocalypse backdrop. I already saw it twice, but I’m going to watch it again for the laughs and action.







So, there. All three movies will suffice. I needed a lot of reasons to laugh and unwind and I guess there are folks out there who wanted the same thing. Because you have to . . .

Laugh ten times more than you frown to really know you’ve lived life.


2 thoughts on “My Annual Valentine’s Day Horror Film Marathon”

  1. nice sis! today am watching The Walking Dead from 1st season to 9th episode of season 3 haha! let’s partey!!!! πŸ˜€

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