Like Alice in Nightmare-land


I woke up shaking and sweating this morning. Not because of the sweltering heat that ushers the start of summer, but because of a dreadful dream that rendered me gasping for breath. But, however much I try to remember what it was, I came off blank like white noise after the station ID says bye-bye to their regular programming on the telly. What I remember is the feeling it left me afterwards – DREAD.

It’s enough to make me imagine myself as a scared teddy bear to lessen the feeling that peskily took residence inside my chest.

According to studies, an average human being can generate around four to six dreams during REM, the deepest stage of sleep. However, it is hard to remember most dreams especially when it occurs during the first hours of REM. For someone who’s been plagued with insomnia for years, I can remember some of my dreams in vivid details and sometimes write them down on my journal when I wake up – well, the most impressive or disturbing ones that I could remember.


Somehow, my cognizant power escaped me last night and now I am left wondering what it was that made me wake up so uneasy. I am not a nightmare novice. I had my fair share of it and some. Body parts, flying demons chasing me through dark woods shrieking of death and bloody walls like a Hellraiser-esque scene do not scare me. 

But this time left me shaken enough to blog about it. What bothers me most was the NOT REMEMBERING part. I’ll probably lay awake all night trying to bribe my subconscious to recreate the dream for my peace of mind. I can adapt a skeptical outlook regarding this. But to contemplate on it more makes me want to go to bed tonight with a trusted bottle of any of the Js to speed me up on a dreamless stupor and reenact the Alice in Nightmare-land dream sequence. 

So, that leaves me to think: 

Are dreams really that powerful and can be deduced as some kind of divine message?

Or is it just a bi-product of an overly-active subconscious?

And for diabolical nightmares, is it caused by demons that plagued a poor human soul like in lore?

For some cultures, dreams can hold so much power that destinies are shaped after it. Ancient people had boasted of predicting the future from dreams, calling them messages from gods and goddesses. In modern times, there are even dream doctors who interpret a sordidly prophetic or symbolic dream for a hefty sum. 

Science will always clash with faith. And poor, average people like me are torn in-between two clashing idealogical giants. This is one of those topics that can sprout endless debates and can become more complicated as it goes on.

As much as I would like to inject some comic skepticism in the experience, I still can’t forget waking up troubled, hands shaking, t-shirt soaked with perspiration and a gnawing feeling of dread this morning. There’s something definitely wrong with me . . . or my bed.


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