Designing Life

I’ve been going on and on, talking about this topic with a dear friend of mine (someone I consider as my soul sister) for quite some time now and it never fails to inspire me into talking more. But enough talking. It’s time to write about it.

Just like a previous post I did here, the changes and allowances you make for yourself all leads to being marketable in the existential market called life. And believe me when I say, it’s a very chaotic market out there. To much competition. Too much politics. Not for the faint-hearted.


The usual way we go about reinventing ourselves is to change our appearance. From the cut and style of your hair, to the shade of lipstick you choose to wear, or the types of clothes you wear in whatever occasion you go to . . . everything you do to your appearance can make a big difference. But, it doesn’t stop there. You need to reinvent your character and even your outlook in life. All of these changes all boils down to attracting  people and eventually good vibes or good karma. 

You are your own brand.

This saying reverberated through my mind when an idea buzzed inside my head one day, telling me in no uncertain terms that it’s that time once again to make a change. 

The inner buzz came when I was going through my old, boring resume. And because I tend to over-analyze stuff, I thought: “No wonder some online head-hunters are not responding to my applications. It’s as boring as hell.” I mean, I literally yawned while poring through my 2-page resume. That’s when I told myself that I need an update . . . a real, honest-to-goodness update (at least in my resume for starters). So, I changed the look, the tone and the feel of it.

I searched for inspiration on the Internet – a treasure trove of great ideas. Then, my mind all set in creating a resume that will truly represent me, I went to work on it for almost 2 hours. I trimmed it down to just one page and made it look like a personal menu – a menu of all the things I can offer in terms of work and knowledge. Then, I added a bit of attitude by including a picture – not the boring 2×2 ID picture – that is something empowering and confident. I have one that garnered quite an attention when I used it as a profile picture on my Facebook account. 

Sitting back and finally viewing the finished product made me want to pat myself at the back. I resume looked confident and personable. The new, updated resume spoke volumes of what I truly am. That’s what I think did it for me. A few days later, I landed a job. I probably have to thank my creative genius for rescuing my dwindling resources by prompting me to spend some time to salvage my bank account.

Long story short, decide on how and what you want to change in your appearance. If it’s time to change your hairstyle or change your wardrobe, go for it. Consult people who know these things if possible. Just make sure that every change you make is for the better. It’s important to look good to feel good.  

Be true to yourself. There’s no need for pretenses. Lying only complicates life. 

I’ve suffered through different phases in life. I have reinvented myself countless times, too. My appearance went through some really radical changes throughout the years. Some of them were too weird and eventually led to people thinking differently about me. Like I care. But snottiness aside, I am  – without a doubt – an alpha. I have embraced that I have no intentions of pretending I’m someone that I am not.

Some might be turned off by the fact that I have a strong personality, but there are times when it comes in handy, especially in the field I specialize in. I realized that I need not hide my true self and I just need to project my alpha tendencies in the most optimistic and efficient way possible.  I know my limits and I know when I need to tone it down or turn it up. There’s no need to antagonize or alienate people who might be just the key to my happiness, right?

To attract good karma, do good.

It’s probably the most important thing to remember when designing your life. Strive to do at least one good deed every day, even if it’s a small thing like making a sad person perk up. It creates a positive karmic cycle that benefits the heart and the soul. It also makes sleeping at night a peaceful experience.  When done as a habit, it improves not only your quality of life, but also the way people respond to you.

I have a long way to go. I know. But it’s better to start now or get old without even trying, right?

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