Skin Deep

Real beauty is not just skin deep.

How many times have I heard this spoken and written somewhere? Countless. And yet, those five small words spoke more than all the sentences I might write in this post.


My younger version might be too dense to take this saying to heart. Before, beauty is all about makeovers for me. I mean, I’ve reinvented my style or look numerous times just to get that “look.” It was a trial, trying to make yourself look prettier when you’re not blessed with natural beauty unlike those you’ve lived and grown up with.

Insecurities abound in my childhood. My skin is too oily . . . I’m riddled with acne . . . I don’t have the right body type . . . yada . . . . yada . . . It grows old though – these meaningless insecurities. But it does affect ones’ outlook in life.

I guess, maturity helped in making me realize the true meaning behind the above-mentioned adage. Encountering a lot of people with different personalities, appearances and outlook in life also helped. I’ve met people with angelic faces but had rotten personalities. I’ve met ordinary looking people who are so beautiful inside that it humbles me. I sometimes think that if it’s possible to splice two into one to create that perfect model of beauty, then, we could have someone to really base real beauty with.

But, alas! It’s not going to happen. The most we could do is strive to be personable in all sense of the word. I might not be envy-worthy beautiful, but I make do with what I have and play on my best features. I might not be idol material when it comes to personality, but I make sure to treat people nice, know when to shut up and make one good deed everyday.

At the end of the day, people would still base beauty on the totality of the person, not just his or her looks. So, if there’s a gauging mechanism out there to tell a person’s real beauty, I just hope I’ll come up as at least average.



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