Rebuilding Bridges

luis royo_the labyrinth tarot_major arcana_the wheel of fortune
Tarot Major Arcana – The Wheel of Fortune by Luis Royo

The wheel of fortune is surely in overdrive for me this month. The whole month of April is one roller-coaster ride for me. From the moment the first day struck, I was given a sort of wake-up-call, falling victim to the old “April Fool’s Day” tricks that ushered in a slew of events that I never knew would happen. Suffice to say, April brought me a lot of ups and downs that would normally happen in a year’s time, not in just one freakin’ month.

For someone who doesn’t want to linger on the negatives as I’ve been drumming a list of affirmations to accompany my daily morning habit, I will only share the wonders that happened this month.

“A real proof of friendship is continuing where you left off as if a number of years had never stood between the times you were together.” (me)

Having lost contact with a close friend for almost a decade left a hollow space in my soul that the only solution was to rebuild the bridge between that gap. 

 . . . and oh! What a way to rebuild it!

That’s what one of the things I made sure to do and let it happen this April. 

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Versions: Britney Spears’ Womanizer

Ooh . . . I can just hear the reeling reactions of those who know me personally and checking out this post. WTF! Britney Spears?! And Rose?!

It doesn’t make sense, right?

I know . . . I know, I’ll probably be virtually crucified by Spears’ fans by announcing to the world at large that I am far from being a fan. I actually turn green whenever my youngest sister would play Britney Spears on her cassette player back in the day (we shared a room while growing up and the saddest part is, I’m 7 years older than her. So our preferences in music weren’t exactly compromising).

Anyway, I wrote this post to generally thank Ms. Spears and her creative team for creating a record that Franz Ferdinand was able to salvage and re-create a version that totally floats my boat. I mean, I know and heard the original version a couple of times and was never that impressed, but the moment I saw the video of Franz Ferdinand doing a live rendition of this song with all their quirkiness and indie punk flavor thrown in, I became a believer. 

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Like Alice in Nightmare-land Part Deux

Note: This is a continuation of my previous post Like Alice in Nightmare-land.

Disney's Alice In Wonderland
Disney’s Alice In Wonderland

I was once again beset with the same sweat-dripping nightmare I had a couple of weeks ago. Donning my metaphorical sky-blue petticoated dress and getting sucked in that infernal rabbit hole is beginning to create a chain of unsettling emotions and feelings that is harder and harder to forget without resorting to a lobotomy. I wouldn’t mind if Keanu Reeves (Neo in The Matrix) will be there at the end of the rabbit hole to catch me.

They say that dreams are like extensions of reality and that whatever you are experiencing in real life reflects what you see and experience during your unconscious state. However, I don’t think this saying applies to me now. I mean, I may have problems and stress, but it’s not enough to call forth really disturbing dreams that is so unlike the others I had before. And being a recurrent one is more disturbing by my measure.

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Romeo Is A Wuss

I know that it’s unsporting of me to trash one of classic literature’s golden boys.

Pardon me Mr. Shakespeare and all Shakespeareans. I do not fully intend to lambaste Romeo Montague, but I fully intend to talk about what he represented and still represents in my life.

What brought my highly malevolent brain into churning towards the unsuspecting tragic hero of the classic tale of star-crossed lovers? I blame it fate that made me accidentally stumble upon the trailer of the new version coming to cinemas soon. This version stars Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) as Juliet, Douglas Booth (Great Expectations) as Romeo, Paul Giamatti (Sideways) as Friar Laurence, Damian Lewis (Homeland) as Lord Capulet and Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) as Tybalt among others.  [To watch the trailer, click HERE.)

As usual, I find myself torn between putting it on my “To Watch” list or not. My hesitation stems from the fact that this tale had been used and abused since it was created and dramatized in the 16th century. Haven’t we had enough of the young love/stupid love theme yet? The whole unfortunate love between the perfect, youthful Romeo and Juliet chafes a lot now that age and maturity had made these eyes a lot less rose-colored.

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Versions: The xx’s Crystalised

The moment I stumbled on the Gorillaz doing their own rendition of The xx‘s Crystalised, I was hypnotized. And because frontman Damon Albarn‘s soulful take of this indie song was great, it made me watch the video at least 20 times!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of both versions of this song. But, like what I mentioned before, an artist’s mettle is truly tested when they perform better live than the album versions of their song.

Anyway, it’s always a matter of preference. 

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