The Fool’s Day

If there is more ominous than waking up and realizing that it’s the first day of the month, a Monday and it’s April Fool’s day is something bad omen-ish indeed.

Like most Mondays, I always wanted to started right (we start the week on a Monday here in my homeland). You see, I believe in this superstition that if you encounter difficulties or you haven’t had a peachy Monday, the row of bad luck will continue throughout the week. In the end, I’ll be left with nothing but a monolithic headache that not even Tylenol could suffuse.

So, I make sure that I’ll have a great week, I prep myself well, gird my loins and face Mondays with a smile (even if I don’t feel like it much). It’s mandatory to veer away from anything that might give me a tumultuous week even if it comes in small packages like a loved one.

I know it’s a western thing, tricking someone on April 1. But I’ve gone through years of experiencing something to that effect and most of the tricks I got brought nothing but doom and destruction, usually involving money or something that I am loathe to impart without good reason . . . like my sanity.

the_fool___tarot_by_hellobabyAlthough I woke up in the not so best of circumstances, I don’t want to take any chances today. For one, I am looking forward to  a great month (I hope — fingers crossed and toes as well). I won’t have “fool” written over my forehead for the whole week because I know that it’s enough to drive my already crazy self into overdrive.

So, just like any normal morning (I am not a morning person. I’m a typical grumpy bear in the mornings — my sisters and my exes can attest to that), I did my mental calisthenics and my daily affirmations. And throughout the day, I will keep telling myself that “I’ll be great today“. I am going to invite good chi and if I can help it, I’m going to toughen up and forcibly drive deterrents out with some selective puny muscles.


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