Think. Create. Share.

I love the idea of living in this time and age.

A century ago, THIS and numerous other social network platforms wouldn’t be possible. And as a women, I have more freedom to express my ever-wandering and imaginative thoughts.

When before women were discouraged to voice out their opinions or dare challenge men’s point of views even if they’re completely idiotic, now women often win discussions and arguments against men and have proven ourselves valuable in today’s societies. We are not merely second-class citizens, relegated to home and hearth. 

Lord know, if I was born a century or two ago, I would have been burned as a witch. Oh, am I so glad to be a woman in this century.

Anyway, most people frolicking in social media platforms has something in common with each other. We think, then we write/create and then we share.



Seeing as there are plenty of opportunities and avenues to get our thoughts and ideas across a wider audience – even global, I often wonder:

Is it really noble intentions that prompts us to write and share, or are we doing this just to feed on our vanity?  

When I started blogging, I never thought of driving more traffic to my site and getting many followers. I just want an outlet to get my head straight, unload and feel less burdened.

But now, I see all these online marketing sites guaranteeing thousands of visits in a day for a certain fee, or manuals on how to advertise, promote and what-not. I am overwhelmed, naturally. It also made me think . . .

Do I really need thousands of people to visit my site but never really read my posts?

I write because I want to share what’s going on in my tumultuous head. It’s not a bad idea to get tons of followers and visits everyday as well. But I am just worries that all of it is for show, to rank high in Google search and then give me bragging rights afterwards. For someone who is not comfortable talking about achievements and such, the latter one is totally wasted on me. 

With several sighs and a shaking head, I also thought of one of my deepest fears. The one that most writers are plagued with — Plagiarism. There are more possibilities of people copying whatever I write and pass it off as their own without any form of acknowledgement.

Before I can stop myself, old fears has reared their ugly, gorgon heads. Those ofttimes unreasonable fears have been persistent and might become a constant reminder not to be so trusting and be on-guard all the time, since fears are not all wholly bad.

In the meantime, I will continue to think, create and share because I find it therapeutic and at the same time, it helps my mind breathe.



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