Like Alice in Nightmare-land Part Deux

Note: This is a continuation of my previous post Like Alice in Nightmare-land.

Disney's Alice In Wonderland
Disney’s Alice In Wonderland

I was once again beset with the same sweat-dripping nightmare I had a couple of weeks ago. Donning my metaphorical sky-blue petticoated dress and getting sucked in that infernal rabbit hole is beginning to create a chain of unsettling emotions and feelings that is harder and harder to forget without resorting to a lobotomy. I wouldn’t mind if Keanu Reeves (Neo in The Matrix) will be there at the end of the rabbit hole to catch me.

They say that dreams are like extensions of reality and that whatever you are experiencing in real life reflects what you see and experience during your unconscious state. However, I don’t think this saying applies to me now. I mean, I may have problems and stress, but it’s not enough to call forth really disturbing dreams that is so unlike the others I had before. And being a recurrent one is more disturbing by my measure.

This time, it was more vivid than the last. This time, I remember itty bitty pieces of it when I woke up gasping for breath. But the same feeling of dread overcame me when I snapped out of it. I felt drained, confused and sporting a massive headache that spurred me to drink 2 Tylenol tablets.

Like an ominous dreamscape, it was gloomy and filled with images that would make Tim Burton proud. My Alice-like adventure started with me standing in the riverbank — barefoot and wearing my sky-blue frou-frou dress — staring at what seemed to be a dark and unmoving river. What makes this scene so unusual is the absence of air and any other living thing aside from me. It felt like a Kraken will suddenly burst out of the water’s surface and devour my cholesterol-infused body.

Then, I padded on barefoot, uncaring of the pebbles and sharp objects I stepped on. I can feel them digging at the soles of my feet, probably shredding them and making them bleed, but I was focused on another thing and never felt the pain. I walked and walked what seems like miles when I encountered a camel. The camel looked at me with shining blue eyes and somehow knew me. There was a glitter of recognition in those sad . . . sad eyes. Then, it nudged me to walk along and I did. After I took a couple of steps away, I looked behind me and all I saw were footprints of blood. The rest of it was lost on me. I just woke up feeling nauseated because of all the bloody footprints.

I’ve been known in tight circles to interpret dreams from time to time. But I’m somehow cursed. For the life of me, I can’t interpret my own without remembering the whole episode and making me break out in a cold sweat. Specific details of my dreams eludes me, which is not enough to chronicle if I have to unlike some people I know who do that and then they can’t wait to let me read it or consult me.

There are times when I’m caught in-between visions during the waking hours that is so much like Déjà vu, but it isn’t. It felt like flashbacks or fragments of my dreams and I’m left to piece them all together to get to the bottom of what it’s trying to tell me. 

Being caught between dreams and wakefulness can sometimes wreak havoc to one’s sense of reality. I know I’m getting all mystical and strange, but I think I’m not the only one in this warmer than normal world to be beset with such strange occurrences. I just want to write it down here so if there are someone less nutty than I am, I wouldn’t feel so freakish.

DISCLAIMER: I am not – for the life of me – claiming to have any paranormal or psychic powers. So, if you are gearing towards asking for a consultation, I suggest you look somewhere else. I am not a crystal-ball reading woman wearing a turban with a big-ass glittering stone on my forehead. Although I own a tarot deck and had readings from time to time, I’m no fortune-teller. I view all occult sciences as a bit like “Fringe Science“, something that is still in the process of being discovered and explained using scientific methods and such, but is still not accepted as simple truth.

Going back . . .

I think there might be some message in this recurring dream that I need to unravel or else I’ll grow crazier than my normal (which is already perceived as crazy by many). All the metaphors and symbolisms of this dream is giving me H-U-G-E migraine.

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