Rebuilding Bridges

luis royo_the labyrinth tarot_major arcana_the wheel of fortune
Tarot Major Arcana – The Wheel of Fortune by Luis Royo

The wheel of fortune is surely in overdrive for me this month. The whole month of April is one roller-coaster ride for me. From the moment the first day struck, I was given a sort of wake-up-call, falling victim to the old “April Fool’s Day” tricks that ushered in a slew of events that I never knew would happen. Suffice to say, April brought me a lot of ups and downs that would normally happen in a year’s time, not in just one freakin’ month.

For someone who doesn’t want to linger on the negatives as I’ve been drumming a list of affirmations to accompany my daily morning habit, I will only share the wonders that happened this month.

“A real proof of friendship is continuing where you left off as if a number of years had never stood between the times you were together.” (me)

Having lost contact with a close friend for almost a decade left a hollow space in my soul that the only solution was to rebuild the bridge between that gap. 

 . . . and oh! What a way to rebuild it!

That’s what one of the things I made sure to do and let it happen this April. 

Honestly, it’s not like there was complete radio silence between my dear friend and I. We’ve communicated through various technological mediums for more than a year now. The beauty of technology, the Internet and Skype made it possible to have conversations virtually. But the one that was missing was the face-to-face interaction, making it more personal somehow and exponentially more satisfying. 

Spending time with a friend who understands me and accepts my idiosyncrasies without batting her Bambi-like lashes ( I swear, to this day, I still envy her outrageously long lashes. Mine had fallen victim to so many incidents, usually involving fire and happens in the kitchen) at me made it all the more poignant. 

It was invigorating. I get to be myself — heart and soul stripped down to it’s bare essentials — and just have a grand experience doing what we love best . . . food tripping and people watching! It’s what we usually do while sitting down in a cafe and watching people passing us by, rating them 1-10 like we’re X-Factor judges. It’s fun, but can be construed as mean if people hear us scrutinize them from head to foot in a very objective manner. No hurtful intentions in any way.

Yes, we’re both foodies as well. We love frolicking in the gastronomic universe every chance we get – whether together, alone or with other people. We like trying out  food that is not normally seen or offered everywhere: delicacies and specialties that makes a great impression. We also love gourmet food and all the epicurean greatness that will just knock our socks off at first bite – all in the essence of bonding, friendship and just having an awesome time.

Another unpredictable surprise was being called by a friend that I worked with before and stayed in contact after we both left the job we had, and offered a temptingly and exciting partnership – creating a tandem with me to host a regular Sunday morning radio show in the radio station he’s managing. 

Oh, it was no secret that one of the things that made us friends was our love for music. We’re also both musicians and he directed one of my acoustic shows. Over the years, we’ve talked about guesting on radio shows and it happened when he asked me to perform live on one of the regular live acoustic shows on his radio station. It was an exhilarating experience, something that I miss after not performing in front of a live audience for so long. 

When he called me up and proposed the project, I was a bit scared and flattered that he trusted me that much to partner up and create something refreshing and something that I really need right now. So, on top of being an entrepreneur, blogger, author and training consultant, I am now also a DJ. How cool is that!

Next stop . . . hitting the recording studios and experimenting on one of my other passions – songwriting. Now . . . that is one thing that my radio friend and I have talked about but not seriously . . . yet. However, there is a strong promise that it will happen pretty soon.

April also held something very surprising.

As if my sonic beacon has a frequency boost and is in full throttle, someone from the past suddenly and miraculously re-entered my life. She appeared “out of nowhere” and found me in one of the social media sites – maybe out of curiosity on whatever happened to me or had been vigilantly searching for throughout more than 15 years of not being able to contact each other.

This person, who I used to sit beside in class and often get caught noisy and giggling while some of our boring teachers droned on and on with their nonsensical and yawn-inducing lectures, sent me a message that completely caught me off-guard because I wasn’t expecting it. Having relocated and living a semi-bucolic existence in own little corner of the universe, I was pleasantly surprised by it.

After exchanging what seems to be like more than half a dozen replies, she finally caved in and asked for my mobile number. Not a minute after I typed in my mobile number as a response that my phone started buzzing. I saw an unknown number and knew it was her. The opening of the conversation was so typical of her – familiar and yet new. It was as if the 15 years of silence melted away.

For those who are reading this, you might think that I am leading a very exciting life. I guess it’s finally picking up momentum again after years of just lounging by. I miss having hectic schedules, of blocking weekends because I have something to do or go to, of flexing my creative brains and squeezing its remaining 3 functional cells to the zenith, of laughing and reminiscing with a good friend over a scrumptious serving of banoffee pie, and exchanging trash talks about those who wronged us when we were young-er

Those are just some of the things I missed doing and the universe is finally taking pity on me and letting me experience them again.

Thank you, Universe. I hope you will continue to be kind to a lonely soul who only wanted a slice of happiness.”

And so . . . my April is just the starting point to a very busy year that I never thought to be kind to me (I slightly believe in cosmic and astrological predictions – I’m Asian. I am expected to be at some point.)


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