MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for May 2013

I know I’m really cutting it close, but this portion of my blog makes more sense by scheduling it at the end of the month. So here I am again, listing down the most played tracks on my mp3 player this month. I’ve even have most of the songs in this list played on my radio show when my partner asked what are my top picks for the week and would usually let me pick 2 out of the 3 we allot in the segment.

Anyway, May was . . . shall we say . . . a trip down memory lane for me. It’s probably because after such a long time, I’m composing songs once again.

Am I inspired? Or am I trying to prove something?

I think the answer is both. I am proving something to myself; that I still have it and the other part is I’m inspired by all the new things around me and the records I recently got my grasping hands on. 

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In Pursuit Of . . .

There have been plenty of reasons and excuses that hinder the human heart to finally achieve some semblance of happiness.

Guilty as charged, I’ve been one of those whose pursuit of happiness took more than a decade to come into fruition. For different reasons that are both logical and sometimes plain idiotic, I have been plagued by my passion to do what I want, creating less than pleasant dreams and making me wake up both defeated and sullen. Because I always find myself in that infernal intersection, trying to weigh the never-ending pros and cons, practicality always win — hands down — paving the way towards a less fulfilling endeavor, leaving me to question myself WHY.

Regrets are a poor bedfellow to a craving heart.

Being with friends who likes to psycho-analyze me A LOT, and had no qualms in pointing out how I’ve been wasting my talents away, I have achieved clarity upon careful reflection.

If you love something so much, you’ll make time for it.

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Versions: Blood by The Middle East

I fell in love with this song right after watching Crazy Stupid Love (yes, the one where the scrumptious Ryan Gosling did the Dirty Dancing lift with Emma Stone). This record was one of those obscure indie songs that had a generous following in the less mainstream circles. Fortunately, I had the tenacity of a Kraken. So, here goes the original version by The Middle East. (Click on the image to watch/listen to the record.)

blood the middle east

And now, I bring you an ethereal and highly artistic cover by Mree, a Youtube sensations and very talented individual I want to meet in person just to say she’s brilliant. 

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Versions: I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons

I’ve never been into blue grass or American Country music not like my dad. But the moment I heard this song playing on my favorite morning radio show, I thought it might grow on me. I wasn’t mistaken. It did and I find myself humming with it whenever it plays on my radio or mp3 player. I am certain that this sound is not for everyone, but the music junkie in me knows no bounds. As eclectic as my tastes in sounds must be, this song is slowly endearing and worming itself in my heart. Check it out!

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Versions: Ed Sheeran’s A Team

Yes, I blame Caroline Glaser (an eliminated contender in this season’s The Voice US with the most unique sounding voice) for making me enamored with this darkly penned song. The moment I heard his version, I searched for Ed Sheeran’s record and I wasn’t disappointed. I fell in love. Period. (Click on the image to view/listen to the record.)

ed sheeran a team

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