Marginalizing Fear

This is a universal truth that I am certain no one can deny. I have yet to encounter someone without fear – if there is such a thing. Even if it’s in a smaller capacity, a minute that is sometimes seen as inconsequential by some, people generally exist with fear.

“Fear – without a doubt – is as fundamental as a person’s heart and brain.” (me)

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Because fear brings a lot of negative effects, it is consequently associated with pessimism or negativity that incapacitates a person’s rationale and ability to more towards a goal even if it is already within reach. And because we invite fear to rule our lives, it leads to self-doubt. 

How many times have I let my fears control my life? Countless. And regret follows afterwards – a bitter bedfellow that had been stuck at my side like a leech. My fears have fueled the detrimental question, “What is wrong with me?” (for the article focusing on this debilitating question, click HERE.) and allowed self-doubt to worm its way into my conscious and subconscious. 

After stepping back and viewing what fear had wrought in my life, the handy metaphorical hammer zings with the urge to conk my head to wake me up and make me feel miserable than I already am. This is all the result of me getting bested by my fears. It is also because I didn’t know how to handle it.

Like a new pet, fear can be trained and controlled. Of course, there’s no other way to do it than recognizing and accepting these fears, being aware  of it or them and thinking up of ways on how to gain control of your life. Acknowledging your fears will lead you to make changes in your life . . . things that wouldn’t be possible without knowing what kind of fear is holding you back from finally achieving your happily-ever-after future. 

Because I am a sci-fi nerd, I have adapted a The Litany Against Fear that was introduced in Frank Herbert‘s Dune saga and used by the  Bene Gesserit while going through their extensive training. It goes like this . . .

“I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing……Only I will remain.”

I even wrote it down when I was younger so I wouldn’t forget it. It had since then become a calming mantra that I find myself chanting during my meditation sessions or times when i feel that I am in danger. It helped – in a way – to combat my fears because proper mind-conditioning can sometimes be more powerful than anything that comes along. When I feel like fear had a firm grip on my present, I mentally shake myself, push forward with this litany and somehow, I have total control over myself once again. 

Conquering fear can sometimes be more fulfilling that undertaking something fearlessly.

Fear is not wholly evil. It can be a means for you to be cautious and to not mindlessly jump ahead without checking the safety and security of what you are undertaking. However negative it may look, fear can be seen as something that can propel a person to do more and to achieve something in a victorious manner.

Mind you, fears cannot magically disappear from one’s life. It will always be part of what you are. Like what I have mentioned at the beginning of this post, you only need to control fear and manipulate it in a way that will yield positive results. You have to learn how to marginalize it like all the other negatives in life. It will take awareness and a strong sense of being to accomplish this through. You would need to pulverize your self-doubts, act on the present and embrace what you are.

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