The Power of the Hyperactive Sweat Glands

I have been vacillating whether to write this post and publish it or not because I know for a fact that there might be some who would get offended by this. However, a close friend told me it’s the right time to write something that I can very well say a lot about. And so, here goes . . .

When summer comes here in the tropical paradise I call home, it comes with a not-so-welcome price — sweating and irritating body odors.

One of the most important thing to have or include in your personal hygiene’s daily routine when living in a humid country is a deodorant. None of those extra gentle ones. You’ll need the strong ones — the one that makes you feel like your armpits are wearing a thick coating of Teflon. If not, you’ll be sweating buckets and carrying around the proof of it in your sweat-mapped shirts for all to see. If that’s not embarrassing enough, you’ll end up getting snarky looks and stink-eyes when crammed in a public transportation and you’re unconsciously (or consciously) emanating a funk like nothing else.

When I was going through my pubescent/adolescent stage, I had a nasty hormonal imbalance that makes me sweat resulting to a not-so-pleasant odor unbecoming for a person let alone a girl who’s going through several tough times. Being conscious about it made me change my hygienic routine, asking my mom to buy me different products to try on to control my pH balance. The experimentation with different products were worse than I’d ever thought of. So, after a lot of grueling years, I consulted a physician who was very supportive of what I’ve been going through. She even explained that what I’ve been burdened with for so long is not unheard of. A lot of women had been saddled with this affliction for years. Thank goodness there are products available in the market that helps balance out hormones and let people like me live without fear of smelling unpleasantly when in public. The doctor gave me a list of products to try out and finally, I found my wonder product.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. When I’m working out or doing some cleaning around my crib, I sweat and I know I stink, so as much as possible, I stay away from people before I take a shower. I’ve been overly conscious about it and whenever I have encounters (ridiculously numerous) with people who gives off a nasty funk, I can relate to them.

“Use words well for they can leave an indelible hurt that no amount of time can heal.” – me

If it’s not too presumptuous, I would have offered advice to them. But unfortunately, talking about personal stuff like that is a no-no.  Not only will it offend, it would also humiliate the person. And I’m not someone who will knowingly humiliate another person. I’m too sensitive for that. I’m unlike some people I knew back then who wouldn’t stop to think of embarrassing a person just to say whatever they think will make them high and might and cool. I detest those kind of people the most.

Therefore, I greatly suggest a sturdy and trustworthy deodorant for those who are suffering hyperactive sweat glands during the hot months of the year. It can “probably” take out the fear of smelling bad when in mixed company, but going to a specialist would really help.

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