Versions: Call Me Maybe

Without a doubt, this song became a phenomena that took over the airwaves like a storm when it debuted. It was overly-played and had become almost unbearable to listen to especially for someone who’s prone to LSS (last song syndrome) because of its sheer popularity among the younger crowd. I admit that it was on my playlist for a few months before it lost its luster after hearing toddlers dancing and attempting to sing this in their babyish language.

Annoyance aside, it is a feel good song. And because I want to give the original artist a fair start-up against a cover I stumbled upon, I’m giving you an acoustic version of the song by Carly Rae Jepsen. (Click on the image to watch/listen to the track.)
carly rae jepsen call me maybe

Now, onto the other version that I think is utter genius. It’s by Ben Howard and I know that he’s cracking up inside while performing it (seeing the smirk on his face together with the cellist’s), but he kept his cool and actually made this over-hyped, 100% pop song so very indie alternative. He gave it a fresh flavor, mixing haunting notes with the stringed instruments and sang the lyrics that gave more depth and reason to listen to it over and over again. Admittedly, this rendition gave me goosebumps after hearing it. (Click on the image to watch/listen to the track.)

ben howard call me maybe


Hands down to Ben Howard. I mean, I never actually thought that this record can be made into something less bubblegum pop, but he made it likeable for hardcore rockers like me.

As a parting note, it’s always a matter of preference. It doesn’t mean that I have the original artist’s version, it just so happens that my preferences lean more toward alternative rock.

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