Sticky Labels

I am a firm advocate of the wondrous benefits of those sticky notes. They’ve helped me a lot in organizing my thoughts, et cetera. As a writer, they’ve been a miracle of sorts.

But that’s not what this post will be about.

am writing about the fact that all we are living in a world where everything is labelled. People . . . places . . . things . . . everything.

All our lives, we are governed by societal labels. Either you’re rich or poor, young or old, male or female, beautiful or ugly, tall or short, fat or thin, single or married, employed or unemployed, employer or employee, boss or subordinate, homeowner or homeless,  educated or uneducated . . . and the list goes on. It is part of the whole structure whether we like it or not. But the downside of all these labels are the people’s reaction and perception based on this that leads to stereotypes and further down the road — adversity. 

It is a fact that people can readily judge a person just by a looking or knowing the labels they carry/belong to and can be brutal about these judgments, leaving an indelible mark of contempt and forfeiting any sense of belonging once certain criterion are not met. It can be vicious and debilitating to someone who doesn’t have a check mark on all the “YES” on the checklist.

It is like everyone is subjected to a pageant-like competition the moment we were born. Why get subjected to this at all when we can live in peace and harmony no matter what label we have? But, do people really need labels?

It is human nature to size up a person’s worth and with it comes prejudices. 

There’s no doubt that I have succumb to my baser instincts regarding this. But the unconventional me do not react predictably like most everyone else. Yes, I’ve been prone to perceive people based on societal labels from time to time, but I do not EVER judge a person or hold it against them if they do not come up to the higher labels. I guess living with the “Golden Rule” as my basis for good behavior wins all the time and therefore can control my otherwise snotty mind. However, when I am faced with someone who deserves a good setting down, then I do so without batting my mascara-enhanced, twice-burned-to-a-stub lashes. I enjoy those opportunities since I’ve been known in tight circles as someone who “bullies the bully.

Anyway, like the karmic laws teach us: do what’s right  and hope that you’ll not be subjected to someone who has a viper tongue and let us know how beneath them we are. Whether we allow or not allow someone to make us feel low, it is up to us if we’re going to take that in as something negative or something constructive. In times like these, I either turn a deaf ear or take it in as a challenge to make myself better. The latter has done wonders to my self-esteem and self-confidence.

With all the labels governing us and the environment we live in, I often wonder . . .

Is it really worth it to rise to a certain label even if our hearts are not fully into it and knowing that we all turn into dust the same way anyway?

That is something to ponder on, don’t you think?

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