Versions: Ed Sheeran’s A Team

Yes, I blame Caroline Glaser (an eliminated contender in this season’s The Voice US with the most unique sounding voice) for making me enamored with this darkly penned song. The moment I heard his version, I searched for Ed Sheeran’s record and I wasn’t disappointed. I fell in love. Period. (Click on the image to view/listen to the record.)

ed sheeran a team


Then, as if Ed’s storyteller’s voice wasn’t enough for me, I searched for cover versions of this song. I knew before starting the hunt that I will encounter a lot. Again, I wasn’t disappointed. There are just plenty out there who appreciated this song like I do. So, here’s a version that I think can hold a candle against the genius of Ed Sheeran. It’s from of my local favorites – Bamboo. (Click on the image to view/listen to the record.)

bamboo a team

Once again, as a parting note, I want to stress out that it’s a matter of preference and I’m not pitting one against the other. Both are equally superb, more so with the original, which is a surprise in this segment because followers would know that I almost always side with the alternate version than the original. This time, Ed Sheeran has established the complete right to do this song justice.


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