Versions: I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons

I’ve never been into blue grass or American Country music not like my dad. But the moment I heard this song playing on my favorite morning radio show, I thought it might grow on me. I wasn’t mistaken. It did and I find myself humming with it whenever it plays on my radio or mp3 player. I am certain that this sound is not for everyone, but the music junkie in me knows no bounds. As eclectic as my tastes in sounds must be, this song is slowly endearing and worming itself in my heart. Check it out!

(Click on the image to view/listen to the song.)

mumford & sons i will wait

With my fascination comes mining for other versions of this song, finding out other artists covering it and making it their own. My hunt had yielded this from the recently eliminated The Voice US contender Caroline Glaser and The New Velvet. (Click on the image to view/listen to the song.)

the new velvet with caroline glaser - i will wait

I can’t very well choose one among them because both have their own charm. I know that there are other covers of this song out there (I’ve listened to most of them), but I find the version above closely resonating for me. Maybe because it doesn’t sound as pretentious as the others.

And so . . . as a final message like all the rest in this segment, it’s all just a matter of preference.


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