MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for May 2013

I know I’m really cutting it close, but this portion of my blog makes more sense by scheduling it at the end of the month. So here I am again, listing down the most played tracks on my mp3 player this month. I’ve even have most of the songs in this list played on my radio show when my partner asked what are my top picks for the week and would usually let me pick 2 out of the 3 we allot in the segment.

Anyway, May was . . . shall we say . . . a trip down memory lane for me. It’s probably because after such a long time, I’m composing songs once again.

Am I inspired? Or am I trying to prove something?

I think the answer is both. I am proving something to myself; that I still have it and the other part is I’m inspired by all the new things around me and the records I recently got my grasping hands on. 

Music – for me – has  a tremendous influence even when I wasn’t actively performing or participating in musical events or sessions for months. Each song I hear has an effect on my mood and disposition that I think most people can readily agree and relate with me on this. However, most of my life, rock music had cemented itself in the very soul of this eccentric individual. Appreciation of the evolution of rock music has also created lasting friendships along the way. 

So, without further ado, here are my top 10 tracks for the month of May. Almost half of it, as you’ll notice, are classic rock tracks from the golden era of rock (1979s – 1980s).

Once again, this list doesn’t represent any hot track list. It’s my very own and it encompasses a lot of genres and eras. (To listen/watch the records, click on the title of the song.)

1. ACDC – Thunderstruck

If I’m not mistaken, this track is part of my all-time favorites list, but I still want to include it in this post just for the sheer number of times I had it played over and over again this month. It’s rock at its finest. Who would ever dispute that this Aussie band is one of the greatest rock bands of all time?

2.  Ram Jam – Black Betty

Another classic rock song, the artistry of the guitar solo is just mind-blowing. Being a frustrated lead guitarist (I only play rhythm because I cannot – for the life of me – make my guitar howl and cry like most of my guitar heroes), I sometimes daydream of performing this song with a bunch of metal heads and just let it rip.

3. Kiss – Rock and Roll All Night

Definitely one of those very anthemic rock and roll songs that never goes out of style. I even caught a teenager singing along a couple of months ago. Remembering the surprised feeling I had back then made me unearth this record and listen to it along with another favorite – Detroit Rock City. The kabuki-style makeup made the band Kiss a memorable act that will last through ages.

4. Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild

I first heard this song even before I can utter complete sentences, but the memory was so instilled in me that after almost three decades, I still bang my head to it.

5. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Okay. So this song is far from being a classic rock tune, but it does hold a special place in my heart. When I heard this record for the first time years ago, I can’t help but imagine me driving along the coast in a red Corvette with the top down and just let the breeze play with my hair. This is one of the songs that calmed my otherwise tumultuous emotions this month. It did its work and I’m ever happy for it.

6. Elbow – Newborn

Released in 2001 in their debut album Asleep in the Back (just like what I did back in school), this is one of those records that soothes the soul. Even after all these years, it still does its magic – to me.

7.  Ben Howard – Only Love

I love him and his music. Not a lot of people I know do, but I don’t care. There’s just too much depth and emotion to him whenever he performs a song even if it’s a cover of a very pop song. Being an indie artist myself, I appreciate his music and am looking forward to more.

8.  Maroon 5 – Love Somebody

Has anyone notice that most on my most played list speaks of love? Weird, huh?

Anyway, this record is a surprising one – even for me – because it’s alternative pop. Yeah, I have a couple of favorites in this sub-genre back in the 90s, but singling out this group and this song may be unprecedented. The lyrics are simple, yet awfully relate-able in a way. Don’t ask me what it is because these lips are sealed.

9. Phoenix – Entertainment

This is a relatively new released single from the same French band that brough 1901 and Liztomania. It’s catchy and danceable, a signature Phoenix record that is becoming a favorite.

10. Tokyo Police Club – Your English Is Good

Nothing beats a good indie record and Tokyo Police Club has always delivered something great and memorable. This is one of their tracks that I fell in love at first sound.

There you go. Those are the songs that had me in a good mood this month.

Till next time.


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