Sticky Labels

I am a firm advocate of the wondrous benefits of those sticky notes. They’ve helped me a lot in organizing my thoughts, et cetera. As a writer, they’ve been a miracle of sorts.

But that’s not what this post will be about.

am writing about the fact that all we are living in a world where everything is labelled. People . . . places . . . things . . . everything.

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Versions: Call Me Maybe

Without a doubt, this song became a phenomena that took over the airwaves like a storm when it debuted. It was overly-played and had become almost unbearable to listen to especially for someone who’s prone to LSS (last song syndrome) because of its sheer popularity among the younger crowd. I admit that it was on my playlist for a few months before it lost its luster after hearing toddlers dancing and attempting to sing this in their babyish language.

Annoyance aside, it is a feel good song. And because I want to give the original artist a fair start-up against a cover I stumbled upon, I’m giving you an acoustic version of the song by Carly Rae Jepsen. (Click on the image to watch/listen to the track.)
carly rae jepsen call me maybe

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The Power of the Hyperactive Sweat Glands

I have been vacillating whether to write this post and publish it or not because I know for a fact that there might be some who would get offended by this. However, a close friend told me it’s the right time to write something that I can very well say a lot about. And so, here goes . . .

When summer comes here in the tropical paradise I call home, it comes with a not-so-welcome price — sweating and irritating body odors.

One of the most important thing to have or include in your personal hygiene’s daily routine when living in a humid country is a deodorant. None of those extra gentle ones. You’ll need the strong ones — the one that makes you feel like your armpits are wearing a thick coating of Teflon. If not, you’ll be sweating buckets and carrying around the proof of it in your sweat-mapped shirts for all to see. If that’s not embarrassing enough, you’ll end up getting snarky looks and stink-eyes when crammed in a public transportation and you’re unconsciously (or consciously) emanating a funk like nothing else.

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Marginalizing Fear

This is a universal truth that I am certain no one can deny. I have yet to encounter someone without fear – if there is such a thing. Even if it’s in a smaller capacity, a minute that is sometimes seen as inconsequential by some, people generally exist with fear.

“Fear – without a doubt – is as fundamental as a person’s heart and brain.” (me)

Image from
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Because fear brings a lot of negative effects, it is consequently associated with pessimism or negativity that incapacitates a person’s rationale and ability to more towards a goal even if it is already within reach. And because we invite fear to rule our lives, it leads to self-doubt. 

How many times have I let my fears control my life? Countless. And regret follows afterwards – a bitter bedfellow that had been stuck at my side like a leech. My fears have fueled the detrimental question, “What is wrong with me?” (for the article focusing on this debilitating question, click HERE.) and allowed self-doubt to worm its way into my conscious and subconscious. 

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The Wrongful Reflection

Most people had posed this question to themselves at any given point in their lives. 

“What’s wrong with me?”

Evidently and scientifically speaking, we are created almost the same. Our internal organs are at their proper places – unless you’re a medical miracle or anomaly. We breathe the same way. We fart the same way. Yada . . . yada . . . yada . . .

charlie brown

But how come we ask this terribly self-criticizing question as if our self-worth had just plummeted down the drain? It questions everything that we stand for, slightly touching on an existential topic of “what’s our purpose” and “why are we created”. This question breeds anxiety. Also, this path of thinking leads to loads of other crappy stuff we don’t really need in our lives in order to embrace happiness . . . in order to feel good about ourselves . . . in order to live a fulfilling life. This question kills off all possibility of ever looking towards a bright future.

Your life is in your hands. You are the master of your own fate.

I cannot stress that enough without sounding like a broken record, but it is true.

If you allow external deterrents into your life and be led by some insane idea that you have “no choice” in whatever you do, then, you do yourself a disservice. There is ALWAYS a choice and deciding on which one to take using the perfect marriage of two of those important part of yourself – the heart and the mind – will bring you to a place where the question, “What is wrong with me?” has no place in. Because there is nothing wrong with people in general. It is the extrinsic things added with fears that makes all the problems.  Marginalizing both will create a place where the SELF has worth and has value.

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