Versions: Ciara and Justine Timberlake’s Love Sex Magic

I admit, I HAD a crush on Justin Timberlake when he brought sexy back. It’s not because of his singing or talking voice (I’ve always been a sucker for deep, low-pitched voices a la Gerard Butler), it’s because of the way he moves. Yeah, baby!

Again . . . I digress. it’s probably all the hormones. Anyway, I have nothing against the original version of this song. In fact, I grooved with it for a time or two, but when I saw Biffy Clyro’s live cover of it for BBC Radio One Live Lounge, my heart went boom . . . boom . . . boom . . .

SEGUE: I’ve been a Biffy fan since 2008, when I heard the song Falling Stars from their 2007 album “Puzzle”. It’s a great introduction to a band that I’m steadily falling in love with. I’ve even started loving Simon Neil’s (Biffy’s frontman) side project Marmaduke Duke I am completely taken by their single Rubber Lover.

Suffice to say, I am a rocker/punk girl. Always have and always will, even if I listen to almost all types of music genre — depending on my mood, of course. 

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The Curious Case of the Ghost In My Machine

My day wouldn’t – always – be complete without my formerly trusted machine acting up and giving me plenty of attitude.

As if dealing with a couple of animate lifeforms with attitude is not enough, the inanimate one wants to join in the metaphorical bandwagon and raise up the infernal banner up high with words written in bold red block letters: 



It predictably makes me see  bloody murder! Screaming at the top of its lungs “Ra -ra -ra . . .” and accompanied by all those manically waving imaginary glittering pom-poms are driving me insane!

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