Special To Average

Yesterday’s special is average now.

The signs of time is always at work and human nature prevails 99% of the time. How so?

You see, I’ve always been fascinated with history and how people perceive beauty in all its different forms.  As an artist, it’s what I do and where I draw inspiration from sometimes.

Truth: As the world progresses, so as people’s perception on what is acceptable and not.

This thinking led me to believe that what people perceive as special a hundred years ago is not so this time.

Why am I rambling about this?

It’s because of the silly childhood pictures I stumbled upon yesterday while cleaning my storage area. I didn’t mean to look at them and reminisce the awkward stages of my life. But, apparently, the universe and its powers are at work once again and the whole bunch just dropped on the floor. Faded pictures scattered around me, making me cringe as my ultra-selective-bionic eyes zeroed in on an image of me wearing a hideous shirt and shorts ensemble partnered with my accidental semi-afro hair and dark framed glasses. I remember thinking that I was cute wearing that outfit all those years ago. Looking at it now, I want to murder whoever designed those clothes.

Image courtesy of www.galleryoftheabsurd.typad.com
Image courtesy of http://www.galleryoftheabsurd.typad.com

With that thought in mind, I hit the internet and scrolled down pages upon pages of fashion plates from bygone eras and images of wall art and engraving depicting what was in-fashion during ancient or olden times. Of course, all of those images can be categorized as costumes now, but they were everyday wear before. I know that fashion designers or couturiers  have been inspired by these “costumes” to create a modern adaptation of it at present. But what strike me most is the people wearing those costumes and how people can think the sexiest woman then is a size 16 now.

Maybe it’s shallow, but whenever I’m in the company of male friends and acquaintances, considering me as “one of the boys”, and they see young women with stick figures pass by in their skimpy outfits highlighting their bony limbs, they fairly drool while ogling them. Once again, women are being objectified by the way they dress and conduct themselves. I feel bad for them as I am beset with the urge to conk my friends head and give them a blistering scolding.

What seemed to be sexy now wouldn’t pass as sexy a thousand years ago.

This situation is annoying as hell. I mean, I’ve never been petite in my entire life and will never be. When you live in a continent where the average woman is like a wisp of the wind, you’d know how frustrating it is to live in a society where big-boned and full-figured women are considered fat and unattractive. That is probably the reason why a lot of women go under the knife just to fit in to the checklist of what’s really attractive in this present.

I live in the wrong continent. 

I struggled with my weight and the fear of not “fitting in” in a society that thinks I’m fat and undesirable for such a long time that I eventually grew tired of it. The consolation I had through that difficult phase of my life is the self-affirmation that if I lived 200 years ago or so, I would be a superstar. I mean, voluptuous women literally turned men’s heads then and sometimes start wars because men liked Rubenesque figures back then. Now, not so. This is the reason why there are too many surgical procedures to sculpt the body or reduce body size. But, through it all, I believe that no matter what size I am, I can still be sexy because there are some people who think brains are sexier than a 22-inch waistline. I just wish the percentage of those who do isn’t like 5% only.

Why should I contend with being average when I can be special — in my own way?

When you’re average, you’re common . . . ordinary. Of course, I care about people thinking I’m big and therefore unattractive, but I am beginning to not care anymore. I’d rather be big with a fully-functional brain than a scrawny-assed, stick-figure woman who only thinks of how to lose more weight and stringing men along with sly looks and nothing else.

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