Versions: Teardrop by Massive Attack

The day I saw the video for this song was the day I became a follower of the enigmatic electronic group known as Massive Attack. It was compelling, seeing a fetus singing a tune that became a timeless classic among music lovers.  This group was the first in my long list of favorite trip hop artists including The Chemical Brothers, Portishead, The Prodigy, Cibo Matto and Morcheeba among others. And since then, it’s my go-to trip hop band to listen to whenever I feel like I just need to chill and relax.

So, throughout the years, Massive Attack never lost its touch and continued to give amazing electronic sounds. Here’s the classic tune that captured hardcore alternative rockers like me. (Click the image to view/listen to the song.)

Always on the hunt for new tunes, I’ve been preying for artists that really combines creativity and raw talent. My prowling yielded Newton Faulkner.


This British guy with the awesome long dreads is – without a doubt- a genius.  I definitely cannot turn a deaf ear on his immense artistry. The genius guitarist had captured my heart when he did an awesome rendition of Massive Attack’s Teardrop. Check it out by clicking on the image!

massive attack teardrop

newton faulkner teardrop

As always, my parting words would be: It’s just a matter of preference which version is better than the other.


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