When In Doubt: The Simplest Way To Make a Decision

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Image courtesy of http://www.gentleranting.com

There comes a time in my life when deciding something is a hard and often sweaty task, especially when these decisions need to be made in haste and would often constitute something life-altering. Whenever I’m in that crossroad, imagining making a deal with a crossroads demon, I always find myself vacillating between yes or no. Careful consideration must be taken into account, more so when it involves other people.

So the simplest way that always work is . . . whenever you are half-hearted about something or when doubts suddenly take a-hold of you, lean towards a no. Even with all the listing of pros and cons you’ve done, when your heart is not in it, it is likely the universe is telling you to back off.

Take for example:

You’ve been invited to go out with friends (those you haven’t seen for eons) on a Friday night, which happens to be a week before payday. Of course, the number one reason that holds you back from accepting the invite is lack of funds. From there, different reasons will magically appear. You will then become a bit anxious in the process. 

If you’ll be bothered by these reasons when you accepted the invite and in the middle of the dance floor, with your mind floating elsewhere other than just kicking back and enjoying the company of your dear friends, there’s a big possibility you wouldn’t enjoy the night out. You might as well turn down the invite and ask for a raincheck. Suggest a date when you’re financially able and the others might even thank you for it when it turns out that they’ve been vacillating in silence with the same reason you do.

However, if the only reason that’s keeping you from going out is laziness . . . take your lazy ass out of that cave. There’s more to life than marinating on your comfortable bed (and this coming from someone who loved marinating in that comfy bed during free time). Besides, you might be turning down a golden opportunity to get social and meet interesting people. Man is not an island. If you want to survive in this world, you got to make connections . . . build that list of who’s-who.

Anyway, making a decision should not be treated like rocket science. For over-analytically challenged people like me, we weren’t basically born with the impulse button. We like to think too much, eventually driving those around us insane including ourselves. But in non-life threatening scenarios, when in doubt, it’s safe to say no.

Two heads are better than one.

For scenarios that will definitely affect other people, it’s better to talk it out with those who are involved. Don’t take all the burden upon yourself when you know there might be some pretty great suggestions from others to take in. 

Although I am dubbed as always thinking of things in “half empty” mode, I do believe that there’s always a positive side to things. So whatever decision you think will work at a time, the universe finds a way to balance it out. Life gives you options, and it’s all up to you to take whichever option you’ll elect to live with.

However, when in doubt . . . it’s a sign that you have to rather stand down or think of another path in making decisions.

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