First Year Anniversary!

How time flies.

That’s what my radio co-host would always say when we’re on our final hour and I felt that way now when I got a notification from WordPress that it’s been a year since I’ve been blogging here.

How time flies.

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I didn’t even notice that it’s been a year if not for the notification sent by WordPress.

With a smile and  a joyous heart, I finally accept the fact that yes, it is true that when you’re enjoying doing something, time becomes irrelevant. You wouldn’t feel yourself dragging out of bed or forcing your fingers to move over the keyboard to write something. You wouldn’t feel drained of any or all ideas to write about. You wouldn’t feel you need to prove something. All you would feel is a sense of rightness after posting something that you’re not expecting 1 million “likes” afterwards.

When I started this blog, I have no intentions of becoming a superstar. I only want somewhere where I can release stress and do what I love best. I think . . . I create . . . and then , I share. That’s all. This blog has become therapeutic, an outlet for someone who’s way too analytical for her own good like me and cannot find someone to talk to on a daily basis because most of the people I would like to have sensible and/or nonsensical conversations with are otherwise preoccupied or sometimes I have no time to do so.

So I have to contend with writing what I think and feel. Freedom of “polite” expression has never been this good. Of course, there are times when I just can’t come up with something to share, so I go on radio silence – so to speak. However, I am really glad that I have a place where I can chronicle my never-ending meandering thoughts and somehow connect to other people with them. 

Angry, sad, happy, lonely, annoyed, nonchalant, bored and many other feelings and emotions, they shaped this blog into what it is now — a chaotic collection of my cerebral outpourings just like most people out there. And when I receive comments from other people telling me that they can relate to what I have posted, I felt humbled by those messages and turn beet red a second afterwards.

In a way, I guess I’ve been keeping with my daily mantra of “Do something good every day to make the world a better place.” It is gratifying to know that in some small way I’m doing my part as a citizen of this very complex universe. 

In so saying, I have made my bed and I am more than willing to lie on it and continue chronicling my ramblings, random thoughts and musings for may be another year or more. Who knows?



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