Being Sick – Not All Bad

It was one hell of a weekend.

I thought I was a superhero from planet Krypton and will never get sick. I thought I was immortal. Darn! I should have knocked on that wood many times!

blue haired cartoon girl sick with ice pack on her head and thermometer in her mouth
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Anyway, being sick made me stay home — alone — the whole weekend. I have to cancel meet-ups and my radio show, the latter I wasn’t too guilty about because my co-host caught the bug as well. (The Justice League is facing defeat! LOL!)


It was a funny phone call when he rang me up. We were both coughing and sneezing almost at the same time! Pitiful as it may be, it was nice to know that I’m not alone suffering this infernal flu. So, in the end, we decided to just skip yesterday’s show and recuperate on our own beds.

Being sick totally sucks. I know. That’s the reason why I purge myself with a lot of Vitamins and Mineral supplements that works. That’s also the reason why I made my daily diet healthier, eating more veggies and fruits, and drinking a lot of water. So . . . it boggles me that I got sick at all this time around. It’s not like I got in-contact with a walking cesspool of bacteria/virus. This definitely is a test from the universe to make sure everything is balanced.

I thought my weekend will be completely unproductive. Thank goodness my head stopped spinning for me to hit the mean machine and get some thinking or even put a couple of sentences together to create something.

After maybe an hour, I was thankful that I got sick. It was a catalyst for me to open up forgotten manuscripts and had my less-than-nimble fingers play around the keyboard once again. 

It felt great to be writing once again. The familiar flow of the story that was halted by a series of unfortunate events returned with a vengeance. Now, my head is filled with my characters’ voices, urging me to write their story and their thoughts. I can almost hear Cyan’s quiet sighs of relief as I typed away. I can almost hear Alastor’s agonizing demands to make his suffering end. I can almost hear the dissonant screams of the Others as they barrage me with their vicious plots.

Without a doubt, it was a welcome noise in my head.

Time flew like the Road Runner pursued by Wile. E. Cayote and before I knew it, the weekend was over. However, the voices continued to clang inside my head and hopefully it would not desist anytime soon. I need to get back in the creative game. Even if I’m a little bit rusty with my moves, I’m sure it will all come back, just like riding a bicycle.

So . . . being sick this weekend turned out to be good. I wouldn’t recommend being sick all the time, but at least I was able to make a sorry experience worthwhile.


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