MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for July 2013

Sometimes I feel like Rip van Winkle, waking up from what seemed to be a short period of sleep and realizing that I skipped decades. It’s eerily scary and at the same time relieved.

Why relieved?

Because when one feels that time just flew by, it means that they were so busy and having a great time to notice the passing time. True?

July was certainly that — very busy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. ūüôā

So, yet again, here I am listing down the 10 songs that had made the passing time bearable and enjoyable.

(Note: To listen to the tracks, just click on the title.)

1. Takka Takka – We Feel Safer At Night

The church-like instrumentation of this Takka Takka track (especially during the intro) made it all the more original in my point of view. It is seldom that I like church music, so this is saying a lot. The message of the song also gripped me into its indie-world of awesomeness. It’s calming, not the typical bang-and-whine flavor of most indie rock music.

2.  Télépopmusik РBreathe

Maybe a bit outdated in terms of solid dance music, but this record created a lasting impression on me. Highly addictive, this track from T√©l√©popmusik¬†—¬†the French electronic trio — became one of the most used tracks in advertisements, TV shows and movies. ¬†

3.  The Rave-Ups РPositively Lost Me

The less popular track in the John Hughes 80’s cult classic Pretty In Pink, this was featured when Duckie (Jon Cryer) was pretending to be mooning over Iona (Annie Potts) in a bar.

The lyrics, when you get around to listening to it and disregard the repetitiveness is actually quite poetic: “… and in your loss, a sense of honesty.”

4. Franz Ferdinand – Right Action

Franz Ferdinand always cooks up something unique the moment their first single, “Take Me Out” was released in 2004. Since then, this Scottish band had made insanely indie-pop/rock tracks with their signature guitar works that is very definitive of them. Right Action is one of the tracks from their latest album¬†¬†Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action.

5. Pixies – Wave of Mutilation

Included in the soundtrack of the Christian Slater movie “Pump Up The Volume“, this Pixies song might be too old for some, but still sounds relevant today for me. Probably because it talks a little about “El Nino” and the angsty teen sentiment behind it.

6. Copeland – The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)

A sort of homage to transient beings that do not have a permanent address, this Copeland song has a haunting melody that got me hooked even before I understood the lyrics. I wasn’t surprised that such poetry in the music endeared it to me afterwards.¬†

Yes. The eerily feminine vocals is a man.

7. Kasabian – Clubbed Foot

It’s badass and the first Kasabian song that I have listened and liked. The mix of rock and electronica is creatively cool. Enough said.

8. Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion

If you’ve been born at the time when hard rock bands (or hair bands, as what I fondly call them) are the coolest thing on earth, then you would be familiar with Aerosmith — most especially Steven Tyler (the proud papa of the gorgeous Liv Tyler – my girl crush). This track is less whiny than your average hard rock songs from this awesome band. It’s soothing and brings back memories of my almost-forgotten youth.

9. Crosby Stills Nash and Young – Our House

It’s calming and brings back memories of childhood during better times. A bit nostalgic this month, I cannot get over listening to this record even through all the years that passed. I remember hearing this and keeping it in memory when I was too young to know that the people behind these records are taking psychedelic drugs while making it. But no matter how they make their songs,¬†Our House¬†will continue to be a favorite forever.

10. Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

The lead guitars in this track is classic kick-ass. I mean, it was one of the songs that endeared Led Zeppelin to me. I just get lost to it whenever I listen to it, along with another Led Zeppelin fave Whole Lotta Love. 

So . . . there you go. That’s my top ten tracks for July.

A reminder — once again — this list do not follow any popular hit lists of any genre, timeline or such. This is a personal list of songs that were on repeat (or most played) on my music console.

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