MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for August 2013

August is what I call the start of the wet months.

For some, they consider that to be June or July. But, for me, the expected downpour is a lot more steadier during August.

And when it is raining almost all the time, it get me lazier; I want to stay on my bed and marinate the whole day. I can’t seem to keep my eyes open throughout the day. I always find myself choking back a yawn even in the middle of a phone conversation with a friend, who is sharing something that usually perks me up.

Anyway, I tend to listen to really jumpy songs whenever I’m in this kind of slump. It’s all reflected on 80% of the songs listed below. They somehow helped me keep my eyes open and forego searching for a quiet corner to doze off and play dead in the middle of the day.

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Versions: Paramore’s Ain’t It Fun

Paramore is one of those pop/rock bands that had amassed a massive following even before they got major exposure through the first where their song Decode is included. It was rare to have a girl-fronted modern pop/rock/alternative band to get major mainstream success.

I don’t know if it’s a misogynistic mindset among music consumers that any pop/rock/alternative band fronted by a woman is lame. Hello!!! The 90’s band scene spawned such amazing female vocalists like Shirley Manson of Garbage and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth to name a few. And what about Joan Jett and Janis Joplin? (I could go on and on with this — believe me. Lol!)

Anyway, I always thought that Hayley Williams is one interesting artist; She can actually go solo and be successful. But together with the rest of the band, she’s phenomenal. She seems much brighter when she performs with the rest of the guys. Yeah, she’s a star — without a doubt.

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Versions: Bonnie Raitt’s I Can’t Make You Love Me

Sometimes I feel like the weather dictates what I like to listen to.

It’s pretty dark outside, with ominous clouds holding back an eventual torrential downpour. It’s the perfect day to stay inside and just  let the pattering of the rain lull you into a relaxing disposition.

Yes, I am that kind of person. I’ve once been an introvert and there are moments when it comes back and I’ve never felt more in-tune to myself and enjoy the time compared to being in a roomful of people whom you’ll only meet once, exchange a couple of smiles and then that’s it.

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Generation Straddler

I am a “Generation Straddler”.

What does that mean exactly?

Just imagine a person having one foot on each side of two states, straddling a state-line or a demarcation line. That’s what I am and those who were born in the same year I have (or at that age bracket) are considered generation straddlers.

I recently had a conversation with a dear friend about having a hard time defining which generation we belong to. You see, we were born in a very strategic year where we straddle two great decades that made a huge impact on the world as we know today.

x vs y

Spending my formative years between the 80s and the 90s was both enlightening and confusing. Those two decades can be viewed like an antithesis of each other. The boldness of the 80s versus the minimalism of the 90s. The junk food craze of the 80s versus the vegan emergence of the 90s. So it only goes to show that people who grew up as a generation straddler is more well-rounded, so to speak. We can get along with Gen-X and Gen-Y people without looking and sounding off.

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Hate – A Prelude To Crime

Hate is such a strong emotion. It is a debilitating emotion that is so full of negative energy that I wish I’d rather not feel for the rest of my life. However, I cannot just close my eyes and pretend that emotion doesn’t exist. It does and I’ve fallen to it’s clutches a couple of time. I’ve seen it everywhere – in the news, my neighborhood and in the internet.

My heart and my mind was so disturbed further by the fruits of hate and how it destroys a supposedly “modern” society when I saw several posts in one of my Facebook groups. Apparently, the social media site has done nothing to suspend, block or delete a very discriminating and hateful group with the name  THOSE WITCHES ND WIZZADS MUST DIE BY FIRE BY FORCE (Note: It’s not a typo. They really spelled it as “Wizzads”. Makes you think that the admin or whoever made the group lacks proper education. I may not be a natural born English speaker, but I do know basic spelling and grammar) and the page Witches must die by fire.

Anyway, I was fairly boiling with rage by the time I read a couple of the posts there. I cannot believe such hateful propaganda,  vicious, maligning and totally out-of-their-senses kind of campaigns can be permitted in a social media platform and not get penalized. The attacks against other religions especially pagans, Wiccans and other esoteric believers in poorly phrased English is proof that whoever is managing that account has no understanding of what he/she is talking about. It was so st**id. 

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