Versions: Lana del Rey’s Video Games

Doing this segment often takes me somewhere where true artistry and ingenuity reigns. Oftentimes, the original versions of songs are eclipsed by cover versions done by less than popular but more talented artists such as what I’ll be featuring today.

For those who’ve been following this segment, you are much aware of my love and admiration for Ben Howard. Every note that comes out of his mouth is absolutely heartfelt and sounds like poetry — full of feelings and emotions that only someone with a deep understanding of the music and lyrics of a song can truly showcase. His versions of popular songs are truly magical for an indie music enthusiast. His has a calming quality that sometimes the original versions do not have. The world seemed to be a better place with artists like him around, sharing their talent and their gift in bringing color to a sometimes greyscaled existence.

However, I’m not saying Lana del Rey is not talented. She is very much so. Her individuality and uniqueness shines through in her songs. Video Games is such that it creates a dilemma on which of the two versions I like most.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the two versions of Video Games — one by Lana del Ray (the original) and an acoustic version by Ben Howard during a radio show interview for SBTV UK. 

lana del ray screencap from video games official youtube music video

ben howard playing video games live with an acoustic guitar

Both versions holds a piece of my musical heart. However, watching the unabridged performance of Ben Howard with nothing but his trusty guitar and her heartrending voice grabs me in a vise-like hold that will last throughout this lifetime.

Once again,   it’s just a matter of preference. No haters allowed.


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