Affecting Others

I may pretend to be composed and self- possessed at times, especially when facing difficult situations wherein there’s an audience. But I do fall victim to one of the evils for self-control — panic.

Yes, I panic. Who doesn’t?  

When I am in the position where my I am not the only one who’ll get into a difficult situation, I panic and get into nervous breakouts. my face gets all whacked with zits and rough patches — completely psychological, I know. But sometimes . . .

Psychological and emotional stress can manifest into physical illness.

I believe that it’s only human to have panic attacks at least once in a lifetime. I may not like it, but like a bad case of viral infection, it creeps up on you when you least expect it. It’s surprising, debilitating and I am beset with the urge to run to the nearest mountain and embrace the possibility to become a hermit just to escape it. However, there’s no escaping panic when it’s not just you who’s involved.

Making Decisions = Game Plan 

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Because I’m so used to making decisions that only affect “ME”, when it comes to those that affect others, I’m stumped. It is much more difficult to make compared to when the only person involved in the decision is myself. But then again, anything is possible when you’re honest and ready to communicate with the people who are likely to get affected with a decision that you have to make.

There’s this saying: Two heads are better than one. Never rang truer in this situation. I’m always open to other’s suggestion. There might be a golden one just lurking underneath my nose that can even surprise me.

Taking suggestions from others doesn’t mean that I am relinquishing control of my life and my world. On the contrary, I am actually exercising control over a wider spectrum instead of constricting myself into my comfort zone. Because I am still going to make the last decision, control is still there. It’s just smarter to get more input from others to see a variety of perception and finally wind down to a better and smarter action plan. Sometimes, I even get to learn stuff from other people that I’d never would have thought of. Then, even if I never get to use that in the present predicament, I might have to use it in some other future situations.

We hesitate to make decisions when it affects others. But someone’s got to do it especially when you’re in a higher position of authority. But the greatest thing of all is being in the company of people who are good thinkers. I am fortunate to know a couple and more than proud to call them friends.

Oh, I have such level-headed — albeit quirky — friends to call my own. As they say, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are,” never rang truer in my case. I’ve gleaned some of the wisest advice from them and until the day I cock up toes and die, I’ll forever be grateful that I’m in good company.

However, if you don’t have any friends who dispenses good advice, there are always mentors and other people you admire to ask for help.

As long as you apply yourself to it with complete focus, getting to the right decision will come. But if all else doesn’t yield desirable action plans, pick the lesser of two evils.



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