Quand on Veut, on Peut

In recent years, I have lived by this code:

Quand on veut, on peut. (What one wants, one can.)

However forward and sometimes misunderstood as a ruthless code to form your life around, when combined with my other principle of never doing anything that will have harm and leave a negative effect on me, others and nature is a truly powerful code to live by.

I’ve been known in different circles as a cross between an idealist and realist — two halves of a coin — polar opposites and anything that brings about complexities. Hey, I’ve been blogging in a site that I titled good/bad. My blog title itself is pretty much indicative of my struggle between two opposing ideas. I am and forever will be caught in between, but still makes some great sense from time to time — enough to write something about it, right?

Anyway, like what I mentioned, living by this code has helped me bring focus to what I needed to be in this lifetime. Being in between a realist and an idealist surely has its drawbacks in going forth with this code in mind.  How?

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