MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for October 2013

A more somber and even morose month, October’s top ten playlist reflects strongly on what transpires for me. First, my dad’s first death anniversary was this month. Then, the colder temperature and the almost gloomy days just made me very nostalgic and feel the loss all the more as memories bombard my mind — memories of childhood and not being an “adult” with a lot of baggage.  

Added to that, I blame the lethargic weather we’re having lately for my melancholia. The pattering of the rain against my roof lulls me to have my eyes at half-mast every time.  And like most soundtracks of a movie, my song choices for this mouth reflects my moods and disposition.

october 2013 playlist

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Versions: Electric Feel by MGMT

MGMT at La Route du Rock 2008
MGMT at La Route du Rock 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay . . . I guess I had this coming ever since I saw Preston Pohl’s Blind Audition performance in The Voice US Season 5.

I’ve been an MGMT fan since 2008 when I stumbled upon their album Ocular Spectacular and fell in love with their singles  Time To Pretend, Electric Feel and Kids.

The funny thing was, exactly an hour before hearing the audition on TV, I was listening to Time To Pretend. How coincidental is that?!

Five years later it all rushed back. Thanks to that TV audition my love for MGMT was immediately resuscitated. Even my sister (who is totally NOT into psychedelic rock, indie or just plain rock) started liking the song, too — whether it’s the original MGMT version or Preston’s.

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Solitary Confinement

Solitude (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

There are some people who cannot just comprehend or wrap their minds around the idea that there are others who enjoy being alone not because they have nowhere to go or lack friends for company. There are just those who prefer a solitary existence.

Is being alone bad?

If I’m going to ask that very question to select members of my family, there would be a resounding answer of “YES.” I beg to differ though. 

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been an introvert — this is something so ridiculous to even contemplate by those who’ve only known me in the latter years. They would scoff it off as a lie when I’m completely being honest when I tell them there’s nary a naughty bone in my body during my formative years. Living with both disciplinarian/autocratic parents and going to private Catholic schools did me in. I always take home the “Most Silent” and “Best In GMRC (Good Morals and Right Conduct) ribbons at the end of the school year. That was the scenario until I moved on to college. 

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Starting The Week Right

I’ve always had a thing every Mondays. As long as I do everything well on that day (i.e. no negative vibes, major setbacks and FUBAR situations), then my whole week will cruise by perfectly. I’ve treated my Mondays with utmost caution and care. It may be a superstitious thing, but it worked well for almost all my life and there’s nothing wrong with keeping a ritual, belief or whatever you call it. 

So, I’m going to start my Monday right with the wise words from Franz Ferdinand (the band).




Check out Franz Ferdinand’s song Right Action below!

Villa Vicenta

The place might not be 100% safe when my sister and I went there this month (October 5-10, 2013) because of the Zamboanga City Crisis, but paying our respects to my father’s memory overruled any reservations we might have had and went along with the original plan of being at my father’s hometown — the same place where generations of our family were buried.

We girded our loins and braved the tense peace of the island to celebrate our father’s first death anniversary despite the obvious unfavorable weather and the imminent thread still lurking in the shadows of the destruction.

Yes, unfavorable. How so? It rained continuously the whole time we were there, resulting to a flooded runway and caused us to be stranded there for 3 days. However terrible the trip was though, I was still grateful that we stayed in a beautiful villa owned by our grandaunt — a villa that carried the name of our clan’s departed matriarch — “Villa Vicenta”.

Located in the outskirts of downtown Zamboanga City, Villa Vicenta is privately owned by the Atilano Family and is surrounded by lush, dense greens, its beauty untarnished despite the downpour. Here are shots I took of the place.

Note: These images are not for commercial use. Please communicate with me before using these for your own.

Panoramic View of the west side - Villa Vicenta
Panoramic View of the west side – Villa Vicenta

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