Honest Bleep People

Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

I recently read somewhere that according to studies, those who cuss (or have potty mouths) are considered to be honest people. When they put it like that with the words “according to scientific studies” attached, one would take it in as fact.

But what if the person in question just grew up in a barbaric environment where cussing is as normal as breathing? Is everyone in that potty environment considered as honest people?

There are different factors to be considered in tagging people as honest or not. But one thing’s for sure, when in the heat of battle (or any situation that stimulates intense emotions), a person who will just light up and curse with utter conviction “may” be certified as honest. But for someone who alternates “f*ck” with every word in a sentence, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that person is honest — at all.

Take for example someone I know (disclaimer: not a friend). This person is so fond of using the words “bloody”, “freakin’ and “f*ck” every time that irritating mouth opens. I cannot stand her. Period. Probably it’s because she thinks it is soooo cool to alternate these words whenever she’s speaking. Probably it’s because she thinks it elevates her to the higher level of societal echelon whenever she does. Either way, it’s not attractive (and I’m not the only one whose opinion of her is like this).

I do not . . . nor will I ever pretend that I have the most pristine mouth in the universe. I cuss. Big deal. But I do not make it a habit to do so especially when in mixed company just because I wanted to sound uber cool — because it’s not. Besides making my father roll around his grave if I ever behave without poise and decorum, which was drummed into me since my formative years through years of attending private Catholic schools, I am human enough not to adapt a trashy, trailer-park mouth and make cussing sound like an ordinary thing. 

So, in my opinion and in all honesty, I believe that not all potty-mouthed people are honest. In fact, I know some who lie like their life depends on it every time they alternate sh*t and f*ck in their sentences.


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