Versions: Electric Feel by MGMT

MGMT at La Route du Rock 2008
MGMT at La Route du Rock 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay . . . I guess I had this coming ever since I saw Preston Pohl’s Blind Audition performance in The Voice US Season 5.

I’ve been an MGMT fan since 2008 when I stumbled upon their album Ocular Spectacular and fell in love with their singles  Time To Pretend, Electric Feel and Kids.

The funny thing was, exactly an hour before hearing the audition on TV, I was listening to Time To Pretend. How coincidental is that?!

Five years later it all rushed back. Thanks to that TV audition my love for MGMT was immediately resuscitated. Even my sister (who is totally NOT into psychedelic rock, indie or just plain rock) started liking the song, too — whether it’s the original MGMT version or Preston’s.

According to WikipediaElectric Feel had a recent “resurgence in sales and exposure” after Pohl’s performance in The Voice US. That is — I think — a very auspicious thing considering MGMT has a new album out this year.

Anyway, so much for the blabbering and onto the cover versions. There are two covers I’m featuring: one (obviously) is by Preston Pohl and the other one was by YouTube sensation Josie Charlwood.

For those who wanted to watch/hear the original record, check the video below.

Next is Josie Charlwood doing an excellent cover version of Electric Feel using awesome gadgets like the BOSS RC-30 and TC-Helicon VoiceLive2, and her insanely mesmerizing talent.  

Last is the reason for the resurgence. Preston Pohl’s full-length cover of Electric Feel as heard in The Voice US Season 5.

There you go . . . three versions of Electric Feel by MGMT.

Like all the other posts for Versions, I want to remind everyone that it’s just a matter of preference whether the original is better than the cover versions or vise versa.


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