MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for October 2013

A more somber and even morose month, October’s top ten playlist reflects strongly on what transpires for me. First, my dad’s first death anniversary was this month. Then, the colder temperature and the almost gloomy days just made me very nostalgic and feel the loss all the more as memories bombard my mind — memories of childhood and not being an “adult” with a lot of baggage.  

Added to that, I blame the lethargic weather we’re having lately for my melancholia. The pattering of the rain against my roof lulls me to have my eyes at half-mast every time.  And like most soundtracks of a movie, my song choices for this mouth reflects my moods and disposition.

october 2013 playlist

Going “almost” all indie this month brought a resurgence of my artistic influences not just in music but also in my artwork. I began sketching and painting again. Unearthing my oil paint palette when we went to my dad’s hometown recently brought it all back.

Anyway, enough of the blubbering and let’s get on with the music.

As I’ve mentioned in my not-so-inviting introduction, my playlist is a bit “under-the-weather” so to speak. However much these tracks lacks the upbeat flavor of the previous months’ lists, they still make a semi-world-weary heart suffused in calm and peace.

Reminder: The music listed is not connected in any famous countdown charts. They also do not follow a regulated genre or era. It’s as (how shall I put it?) my own list of favorites for the month of October.

1. Dave Thomas Junior – 3 Wishes

I always imagine myself in the middle of the park in autumn with leaves falling all around me in their golden and bronzed hues while looking at the mauve sky preparing for sunset. It’s all so poetic. Dave Thomas Junior makes me poetic.

2. The Lighthouse and the Whaler – Iron Doors

What is it about songs like what The Lighthouse and the Whaler makes that just grab you and hold you tightly in its clasp and no matter how long ago you’ve first heard the song, it is still persistently there in the middle of your heart?

It’s the lethal combination of the lyrics and melody that makes it so addictive.

3. The Lumineers – Stubborn Love

First off, the video doesn’t have all those bumping, grinding and jackhammer licking, making the video of this song magical like the song itself.

As for the song . . . it is just absolutely L-O-V-E-L-Y.

“It’s better to feel pain than nothing at all.” Enough said.

4. Mew – Comforting Sounds

It was 2003 when I first heard this song. It initially got my attention for the sad words accompanied by a sad melody that somehow resonates with what I’ve been experiencing at that time.  So, whenever I hear this song, I’m catapulted back to a time when loneliness became my best friend and having the knowledge that I’m the maker of my own sadness bounces me back to reality.

My dad’s passing made me realize that once again, I need to step off the lonely wagon and be comforted by the inevitable truth — we all die in the end.

5. Sigur Rós – Rafstraumur

Credit goes to Tom Hiddleston for this. If not for that beautiful man, I wouldn’t have heard of Sigur Rós. As it is, I am hooked. It’s a good thing it’s not drugs, but might as well be the way I have it played over and over again on my audio player. The high was equally potent, too.

6. Passenger – You’re On My Mind

Had this song on loop while travelling as do most of Passenger’s songs. But this one is my utmost favorite. 

Like most indie songs, the words are realistic and full of emotions.

7. Greg Laswell – And Then You

Greg Laswell‘s voice is as comfortable as a blanket on a chilly morning. It’s been years since I first heard this song and it still brings the same rush of feelings in me that is completely undeniable. This song is just beautiful.

8. Half Moon Run – Call Me In The Afternoon

I stumbled on this song on YouTube months ago and was immediately taken by it. Now, it is a permanent resident on my mp3 player whenever I’m travelling.

9. Angus and Julia Stone – Old Friend

There’s so much beauty in this song that makes me teary-eyed every time I listen to it. It also makes a nice soundtrack for a video to honor a departed friend.

10. Cider Sky – We Are In Love

It’s almost been a year ago that I stumbled on this track and then I forgot about it. But it seems that this time around, a certain kind of compulsion made me search through my files and find it. Once again, I fell in love with it. This Cider Sky track is uplifting in its calming rhythm.

There you go . . . my top 10 most played songs this October. Hope you had a great listening experience.

Until next time!


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