People Complications

I always thought that life is one big ball of complications. Then, as I got older, my life’s perspective changed as a product of “maturity”.

Life is simple. It’s people that makes it complicated.

As each individual evolve and grow up, their desires become more complex. It’s an evolutionary eventuality.

Digging from my not-so-stellar experience, I remember wanting simple things.

I desire simplicity. 

white picket fence house
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I wanted to have a bungalow in the suburbs, a compact car, have a loving and faithful husband, two adorable children and a jolly Golden Retriever named Sam. I would have wraparound porch with a cushioned loveseat swing set at the front, a big tree that has my family’s initials engraved on the trunk, a backyard where we have Sunday barbecues and neighbors who are actually pleasant and never annoyingly noisy.

It’s so very clear in my mind’s eye when I set out to formulate my ambitions . . . my goal . . . my plans for the future. It was all well-laid down to the most minute detail. However, I can readily see how naive it was to get those because I still wasn’t aware of the natural inclination of men to cheat, the complexities of forging relationships, government red tape, taxes, mortgage, veterinarian service fees, parenting and basically having a happy household.

What makes life complicated anyway?

Is life inherently complicated in the first place and as years pass by, it gets more and more so?

I realized later on that the diversity of how people live in different countries created a whole new perception: life is not complicated. People can actually live simple lives if they apply themselves to it. But that is almost impossible in this day and age especially with the nature of my livelihood and where I’m at. 

Living in the digital era — which is completely man-made — almost eradicates the possibility of living a simple, uncomplicated life unless you’re Amish or something. In conclusion:  mankind (or people) makes life complicated.

Then, the next question rears its ugly head: Will I be willing to live a simple life?

Of course. But that does mean I have to give up computers, mobile phones, convenient transportation, amazing food (both processed and not) and so much more. I might as well live in the mountains, be a hermit and grow my own food, the latter being a complete disaster since I’m not known to have a green thumb.

For a woman of the 21st century, living a simple (literally) life is so unlikely. I may not be able to get that dream house in the suburbs anytime soon, have a wonderful husband who will be faithful and be a very supportive part-creator to adorable kids and have a puppy that can both be a companion and also be considered as part of the family.

The best I can do to live a pseudo-simple life would be to take the complexities out of the equation as much as possible especially in making decisions that will shape my current life and lifestyle. I’d have to conduct everything with honesty, respect and integrity. Most of all . . . do everything with purpose, control impulses and limit indulgences (if possible).


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