MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for November 2013

I’ve always been ridiculously fickle and constantly loves variety in the music I listen to — which is another reason why it’s so hard to find people who listen to the same music I’m currently deeply in love with.

However eccentric I may be, there’s extreme joy whenever I actually find someone who appreciates what I put out here and get really heart-warming comments and requests for more.  It goes to show that there are lots of other misfits out there who enjoy the same eclectic mix of songs I do.

november 2013 playllist

Therefore, I dedicate these tracks to my kindred misfits — may we reign supreme in the face of the world of music!

Disclaimer: This list does NOT fit into a single category or genre, does NOT follow any commercial or non-commercial top lists like anything from Billboard. It’s just “my” list — ten of the most played tracks in my console that even lingers inside my head after the last note had drifted by.

So, scroll down and enjoy.

1. All Mankind – Simple Desire

This track might be years old, but the lightness of the melody seems as fresh as a newborn’s smile. The words are also as as meaningful as book of quotable quotes gathering dust in my library.

2. Sigur Ros – Isjaki

I have professed my love with this Icelandic band months ago and my love is growing stronger and stronger. Even if I cannot understand the lyrics, I found ways to (Google translate came in handy at last!) and made me love Sigur Ros more. Listening to Isjaki (Iceberg), one of the tracks in their latest album Kveikur, brings me to a place where it’s just me, the icy landscape and tranquility. The feeling of wild abandonment amid the cruel frigidity of all that ice somehow brings peace to my overactive mind.

3. Tracy Chapman – Crossroads

One of my idols! Tracy Chapman‘s words and her music nourished me through my younger years and I always come back to her songs whenever I feel like the stupidity of the world is just too much to handle anymore. Crossroads is just one of her revolutionary songs that saved me.

4. Alice Boman – Waiting

When my mind’s too burdened with so much sad memories of the past, this song by Alice Boman somehow makes me feel better along with other songs that didn’t make it to this list. The tears welling up suddenly dries up; it definitely has a therapeutic effect on me, which I gladly welcome. 

5. Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

His death was one of Rock world’s greatest loss. When I heard about it, I can’t help but rummage through my stash and pick his album. I listened to Walk on The Wild Side repeatedly throughout that day as well as my copy of The Velvet Underground‘s greatest hits album and I can’t help but shed a tear or two. RIP Lou Reed!

6.  Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Their music is (without a doubt) intense. I feel so much passion with every word sung. The instrumentation added to the intensity of their music brings more character and individuality that I’m loving.

Radioactive sometimes feel anthemic, much like most of 30 Seconds to Mars‘ songs, but I have moments when anthemic rhythms are a welcome respite and I pick Imagine Dragons to listen to while I lose myself in it.

7.  Miguel – Adorn

I wouldn’t have loved this song if not for The Voice US Season 5 contestant Cole Volsbury. After watching his performance, I immediately searched for this song and instantly fell in love. 

8.  Avicii – You Make Me

Yes, I like listening to EDM (Electronic Dance Music), especially when I’m working out or dressing up to go out. It puts me in the mood to party or to sweat out the calories. And listening to Avicii (a.k.a. Tim Bergling) keeps my toes tapping and my limbs ready to break out with extraordinary moves. 

The first time I heard this song, I was about to take my lunch break when it popped in my recommended YouTube videos to check out. It’s the world premiere from Pete Tong Radio 1 show. That was months ago (around August) and I lost track of it.

Then, a month ago, I was reunited with it when I stumbled on it’s official video. since then, it’s been on workout playlist.

9.  The Lumineers – Flowers In Your Head

When I watched episode 2 of Reign (CW) and heard this, I was over the moon. The marriage between the TV show and The Lumineers is solid, from the intro song Scotland to Flowers In Your Head — it’s just magical. Kudos to the production staff of the show for choosing good indie artists to showcase.

10. Icona Pop – I Love It (I Don’t Care)

Okay . . . I’m getting a bit Pop-ish with this, but I use this song to work-out. It just keeps on pumping my blood, pushing me to lose more calories.

Icona Pop is Swedish duo that mixes EDM, punk and indie pop to their music. So, they’re way more than a Pop duo. The track itself is actually nice apart from how I listen to it. If it’s not, they wouldn’t be invited to perform it at the recently concluded MTV EMAs, right?


There you go . . . the top 10 songs that have graced my November playlist. Before commenting, please read the disclaimer once again. Thank you.


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