Delusional Wrappings

christmas tree
christmas tree (Photo credit: fsse8info)

It’s the season to be jolly . . .

Yes, it’s almost Christmas and it’s funny what gift wrappers can evoke in a meandering mind like mine. Just by looking at them whilst wrapping a few, all the pretty colors and repetitive print spell out J-O-L-L-L-Y and all that just make my heart smile even a little. But sometimes, pretty wrappers hide a not so pretty gift. Sometimes, it’s even recycled — not that I’m recycling gifts, mind you (I know people who do) — and receiving a fugly-assed ashtray when I don’t smoke sucks.

So, the whole wrapping deed begs the question: have you ever caught yourself trying to psyche yourself up and telling yourself, “it’s going to be fine” or “it’s easy” in the face of a challenge you’d rather not get entangled with? Just like the pretty wrapping paper (that will inevitably get torn in the process) taped around the not-so-pretty object within, camouflaging the truth inside.

I do — several times in fact. But being an occasional pragmatist, I cannot help but burst the bubble with these words:

Life isn’t easy. If it is, there wouldn’t be miserable and depressed people anywhere. So, suck it up.

It’s probably ingrained in all of us to treat crucibles like it’s a piece of cake. My particular part of Earth has an abundance of this delusional gene. My family (especially my remaining living parental unit) gets to take home a trophy for it. [I think this nasty trait partially skipped me, which is okay.]

Yin and yang stones
Yin and yang stones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People just fear to face the ugliness of life and they try as much as they can to blur the horned images inside their heads and act like it doesn’t exist. But then again, there’ll be no good without the bad. It’s yin and yang, baby. Good wouldn’t exist if there’s no basis for badness and I’ve quite a few share of seeing the ugly truth through my thirty-something years in this world. It’s just a matter of trying to control how it affects you emotionally, mentally and sometimes even physically.

Certainly, it helps when we pretend that life is all rainbows and butterflies. Heck, I catch myself gulping down some of those delusional crap from time to time. Why? Because it makes it more bearable to go on living. Even if the ugliness is still there taking a backseat, wrapping pretty paper and sparkly ribbons to obscure it somehow helped me move forward with a bit of idealism on the side with my psyche intact.

The wrapping keeps the demons at bay. However, staying locked-down in that emotional stasis for long periods of time can be dangerous to your health.

Giving the ugliness a breather from the backseat (where I stow it) from time to time keeps me grounded in a way. Like a shock to my ticklish legs, it makes me realize that I’m still alive and I need to move my ass to make my life less ugly than what reality incessantly tries to chew its way inside my consciousness. But it still feel better to get lost in the wrapping and the ribbons and the potpourri smell of some of those wrappers in a blip of time.

I need beauty . . . I need loveliness . . . I need the buoyant feeling of being surrounded (at least in my mind) of all things pretty from time to time without completely losing my sanity.

Who would want to live 24/7 in muck and misery? I certainly don’t.

So, in keeping with the holidays, I’ll have to condition my mind to be festive [think F-E-S-T-I-V-E, Rosey], to celebrate the good things 2013 left my soul with and surround myself with the metaphoric pretty, potpourri-scented gift wrappers and glittery tinsel.

** Don’t wanna be tagged as a Grinch, let alone get blamed for ruining Christmas by my often-voiced view of the waste people make during holidays (i.e. think of all that wrapping paper ended up in big garbage bags after Christmas AND the tons of fireworks lit up on New Year’s Eve/Day and the rubbish it leaves behind — not to mention of air pollution).**

Anyway, the unpleasant reality that persists on knocking down the festive walls will have to wait until the holidays are over. In my country, that will be after the celebration of The Three Kings. That’s going to be a long respite.


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