The 1975’s Self-Titled Debut Album: A Review

This is the first time I’ll be writing something for a full-length album.


The 1975 Album
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Because I feel like The 1975 deserves a special mention here in my blog. I mean, I’ve featured one or two of this band’s songs in my monthly playlist before (MY PLAYLIST: Top 10 Tracks for September 2013) and once I got my greedy hands on their deluxe album, I’ve fallen . . . I’ve fallen completely and madly in love. Well . . . I’m already mad as it is, but this got me so sigh-ful and knees-wobbling in-love with.

No wonder they’re one of the most talked-about bands of 2013. Getting their album was worth every penny, if I may say so.

Let’s start with disc one. Of course, I will gush over Chocolate. Besides the actual confection from cocoa beans, the song was an early favorite. Then again, I haven’t heard the whole album yet. So when I did, the throbbing beats of the first track — The 1975 — was like a prelude to something great. It was like watching a movie and it whetted my appetite for more. The City follows with the band’s signature upbeat tempo, a familiar sound that I’ve heard countless times from one of my favorite local music radio.

With 16 tracks on the first disc, I panicked as to which I’d love more; would it be M.O.N.E.Y, She Way Out, Talk!Heart Out, Settle Down, Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You (a slow, solemn one that reminded me so much of Walk The Moon‘s Iscariot mixed with a touch of Billy Porter) or Pressure?

Disc 2 was as awesome as the first one, albeit a bit downbeat and solemn in song track arrangements. It includes tracks from the EPs like The City and Sex. However, the ones that got me hooked was Facedown and Head.Cars.Bending.

Facedown‘s intro is so The Chemical Brothers-ish (in the OST of the 2011 film Hanna) with a touch of Sigur Ros (which I adore and have raved so much as one of my all-time favorite bands). Head.Cars.Bending mixes some R&B sounds with drum and bass and the band’s signature sound that worked really well.

Honestly, when I buy an album, I usually end up liking only 3 or 4 songs out of 13-19 tracks. There are just a few bands that are exempted (not including Greatest Hits albums) to that though: U2, The Cure, Sigur Ros and Bloc Party. Now, I would have to include The 1975 to that short list.

So, avail a copy of their album now and let me know what you think.


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