Are You In?

Get in the game to be in the game.

There are so many times that I mentioned (apart from quoting Shakespeare) how life is like one big game or stage and [almost] everyone becomes involved the moment we’re born.

It’s unfair — really — to be an infant and not given a choice but to start playing the game. Getting dumped in without knowing the rules of the game is even worse since not everyone has the privilege of having wise parents and/or mentors to guide us through.

Risk Blocks by David Castillo Dominici
Risk Blocks
“Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /”
Role Models, Anyone?

There’s a growing lack of good role models lately unlike when I was younger. All I see now are twerking, trucker/potty mouthed, debauched, pedos, lying-through-their-teeth, almost naked public figures who bask in the media’s attention even if it’s in a negative context.  It seems as if attaining stardom is becoming a contest on “who’s the vilest” out there.

Then, it made me ask no one in particular: Where are the intellectuals? Where are the classy, note-worthy people?

I’m thinking that they’re probably buried under the onslaught of new media dominated by the twerking set. 

You don’t need to take your clothes off and abandon all sense of propriety just to get attention. You can still be sexy and relevant with class and tact.

You know, I’m proud to say that my psyche had been nourished by literary and world-renowned greats, giving me insights to the beauty of the human soul and the resilient existence of our species way beyond my time. So whenever I see kids nowadays learning the “wrong” stuff, I become incensed. Morality itself has been dwindling into nonexistence. I shudder to think what will happen in the next twenty or forty years.

Where are the f***ing rules? Where is it written?

That’s the dilemma, isn’t it? Here we are, crawling our way towards winning the game when we don’t even know what the rules are, how to keep score and what are we trying win.

Honestly, I don’t know where the “real” frickin’ rule book is. Oh, there are tons of self-help books in shops everywhere. I don’t want to get caught browsing through that section. (Is it just me or what? That whole section is a magnet for fruits and nuts — just my opinion.)

There are indicators that you’ve won the game. It’s when you . . .

  • come out of the muck with your head still screwed on tight
  • you haven’t maligned or ruin some other sap’s life
  • made people happy just by being alive and genuinely think you’re a good person
  • manage to create a comfortable life complete with a big-ass LED TV with 3D functionality, surround-sound audio system, a hybrid muscle car and a king-sized, Sleeping Beauty-worthy bed you can frolic around
  • have more than enough money in the bank to buy sustenance and pay the bills
  • have a source of income that doesn’t turn your hair grey before it’s supposed to
  • have a special someone who understand and tolerates your idiosyncrasies because they love you beyond rhyme or reason
  • and have at least 1 person who will genuinely shed tears on your funeral not because you owe them money, but because you’ll be greatly missed
Fear of Risks

Gargoille [Photo credit:]
It’s human nature to be afraid of the unknown. There are many reasons we give ourselves just to bow out of a challenge. But no matter how many reasons we give ourselves, the challenge will still be there like a gargoyle flashing its huge teeth and snarling . . . taunting us. 

The best way to face risks is to gird your loins, assess the situation and make sure that you have an alternate plan or an escape route when things go awry. Always have a backup plan or the next best thing, and if there are other people who’ll get railroaded by this step other than you, consult them; let them know what you’re planning to undertake and how it will play out and affect them.

Remember, no man is an island. We are somehow — and in some way — interconnected with others. It’s one of the laws of the universe.

Anyway, to play the game, you have to be smart; you have to know your goals and purposes; you have to act humanely and conduct yourself with dignity. Those are just a few of what I live by just to survive and get a step up that proverbial ladder.

It’s not easy. Never is and never would. But it’s better to be “in” the game rather than be like mold growing on the sides of the board.


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