New Year Resolutions (?)

English: New Year's Resolutions postcard
English: New Year’s Resolutions postcard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve always been asked by my slightly mental friends what my New Year resolutions are for the coming years since I can remember. And I always frustrate them with the same answer. (Well . . . they asked. Who am I not to humor them, right?)

Anyway, I feel like New Year resolutions are a tad overrated. Some people are too obsessed with them that when they realize they haven’t exactly resolve anything on that list by end of the year, they punish themselves. They make themselves feel like complete losers.

Why don’t they have those things listed down resolved in the first place? Because some aim too high — higher than what they can actually do. Aiming for something that is beyond your capable hands is like wishing for snow in a tropical country.

The great thing about me is I don’t aim high. I know what I can and cannot do. So, I pattern all goals according to my skills set probably because I’m subconsciously afraid of failure.

My resolution is always the same and it’s quite attainable. 

Love more and hate less. 

Everything branches out from that resolution.

For example: if I love myself more, I’ll try to be fit and healthy and control my spending to save for a rainy day. If I hate less, good karma will enter my life. If I love and respect people more, I’ll try not to cuss as much as possible at them and treat them better. So on and so forth . . .

That’s why every year, I live by the same resolution (that never gets resolved because it’s a work-in-progress — it’s constant) and I try never having any regrets by the end of the year. Based on experience, regrets just poison your vision of the future — your future. It just adds up to stress and create endless sleepless nights, thinking of the what-ifs and soon you’ll hate yourself. Besides, it’s bad for the constitution. 

So, are you one of those with a grocery-list-long New Years resolutions or do you think all of that is just plain bull?

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