My Annual Valentine’s Day Horror Film Marathon 2014

It’s that time of the year again when the best reaction to the whole “Valentine’s Day” hoopla I can think of is a huge SCREAM!!!

As tradition (my tradition) goes — whether I have a special someone or not — I always celebrate lover’s day by doing a little horror film marathon of 3-5 hand-picked titles that will (or not) chill me to the bones.

I am very much aware that it’s a weird tradition, but when I started it 10 years ago, I just have to do it every year or I will feel totally incomplete. Besides, for someone who’s currently not seeing anyone, it’s a rather awesome way to renege on the whole hearts-and-flowers celebration dictated by illogical consumer ads and what-nots. 

So, onto the program …

Since there’s nothing really good horror flicks released lately that knocks my socks off my feet, I rummaged through my collection and decided on some classics.

This year, the theme of the marathon is wolves. Yep, you got it — werewolves. And no … I’m not going to include any sissy-ass, Jacob-ish character in this repertoire. I’m talking about hardcore, bone-snapping, howling at the moon kind of creature films. And I’m going to start it with . . .

1. The Howling

This 1981 classic has a chill factor of 8 out of 10 for me and I will re-watch it to remember why it’s one of my favorite werewolf movies of all time.

See the wolf transformation below:

2. Ginger Snaps

The marriage between the gore and other horror elements with teenage angst went so well together that this is becoming a cult classic to me. Plus, Katharine Isabelle is awesome in this film.

See the trailer below.

3.  Underworld

Okay, it’s not really a horror film, but the Romeo-and-Juliet type of plot plus the amazing effects always get me even if the film is more than a decade old. Kate Beckinsale as Selene is good, but Scott Speedman as Michael looks so edible in this film that I don’t mind getting fur in my teeth.

See the teaser trailer below.

… and if I still have time, I’ll try to squeeze in 1994’s Wolf, starring Jack Nicholson and Michelle Pfeiffer.

So there you go — my werewolf-themed movie marathon that I’m starting in a few minutes.


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